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National Council of Administration

Meeting Minutes

7 August 2008

Boston, MA

The Council of Administration meeting was opened by Commander-in-Chief Charles Kuhn at 8:05 pm. The opening prayer was offered by National Chaplain Jerome Kowalski, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance. The roll of Council of Administration members was called, with the following recorded as present:

Voting Members Present

Non-Voting Members Present

Guests of the Council of Administration

Old Business

Commander-in-Chief Kuhn reported on the issue brought up at the April Council of Administration meeting regarding bad checks being written by a Camp in New York. The Camp books were audited and everything was in order. The account in question, which had been accumulating service fees due to the account being left open with a minimal balance, has now been closed.

Commander-in-Chief Kuhn initiated a discussion at the request of the National Quartermaster regarding the need for prompt depositing of checks. PCinC Richard Orr suggested that the National Quartermaster and Executive Director send the checks directly to Citizens Bank for deposit only. The bank would, in turn, send copies of the deposit slips to the National Treasurer for his records. Motion made by Council Member Brad Schall, second by Senior Vice Commander David Medert, to implement the process suggested by PCinC Orr as it relates to checks sent to the National Quartermaster only. During the discussion, the National Treasurer expressed concern as, in his opinion, a new process was not needed. After subsequent discussion, a suggestion was made by PCinC Orr to table this item until the November Council of Administration meeting in Gettysburg. Motion made by Junior Vice Commander-in-Chief Leo Kennedy, second by Council Member Dan Murray, to table.
Motion passed.

Commander-in-Chief Kuhn read a letter sent by Council Member Eric Schmincke providing some details on the situation with his family and how it has made it difficult to perform his duties as member of the National Council of Administration and as Adjutant General of the SVR. He indicated that he has resigned as Adjutant General of the SVR, but wishes to continue as a member of the Council of Administration. Motion made by National Quartermaster Danny Wheeler, second by Council Member Bob Petrovic, to allow Council Member Schmincke to complete his term on the Council. Motion passed.

Commander-in-Chief Kuhn reported that the laptops ordered by the National organization for the National Secretary, BANNER Editor and Credentials Committee have been received and will be delivered after the National Encampment. The Commander-in-Chief tasked Chief of Staff Gene Mortorff to prepare receipts for auditing purposes to be signed by those receiving computers and subsequently filed by the National Secretary.

Commander-in-Chief Kuhn initiated a discussion regarding protection of insignias and emblems of the Order as a follow up to the action from the April Council of Administration meeting. National Secretary Don Palmer reported that he had discussions with a patent attorney regarding patents and copyrights as they might apply to our needs. PCinC Richard Orr noted that the National charter has language that protects medals, insignias and logos in perpetuity. He clarified the requirement stating that specific language associated with the items requiring protection is needed to supplement the charter.

Commander-in-Chief Kuhn raised the issue of delinquent National Encampment proceedings. Council Member James Hanby reported that, of the remaining proceedings that had been budgeted, only the proceedings from the 112th (1993) and 118th (1999) National Encampments have yet to be completed. Council Member Hanby also noted the recommendation in his report to the National Encampment to have the remaining proceedings printed in the 8 x 11 spiral bound format rather than the smaller book bound format in order to save funds.

Based on the formation of two new Departments this administrative year, Commander-in-Chief Kuhn reiterated the need to have procedures established for this activity. Senior Vice Commander-in-Chief Dave Medert mentioned that he provided recommendations for changes to Forms 54 and 55 to Junior Vice Commander-in-Chief Leo Kennedy, who would become chairman of the Program & Policy Committee, if elected. The Commander-in-Chief inquired about giving Departments the authority to grant permission to form Camps (as opposed to the National organization). With no action taken, he requested that this issue be passed on to the Program & Policy committee under the next administration for action.

Senior Vice Commander-in-Chief Dave Medert reported on two actions from the April Council of Administration meeting, including applications for Juniors/Junior Associates and War Medal application criteria. Commander-in-Chief Kuhn tabled the discussion on War Medal application criteria since this would be brought up on the floor of the National Encampment. Senior Vice Commander-in-Chief Medert indicated that the proposed application for Juniors/Junior Associates was sent out for review and no feedback was provided. Motion by Council Member James Hanby, second by National Quartermaster Danny Wheeler, to approve the Juniors/Junior Associates application as presented by the Program & Policy Committee. Motion passed.

Commander-in-Chief Kuhn noted that in his report to the National Encampment that he had a recommendation regarding visits to Departments. He noted that in his visit to the Vermont Department Encampment, they mentioned that it had been many years since a Commander-in-Chief had attended. The Commander-in-Chief Kuhn’s recommendation was that a Commander-in-Chief be required to visit a Department at least once every five years.

The Commander-in-Chief called for a break at 9:20 pm and reconvened the meeting at 9:30 pm.

At the request of the Commander-in-Chief, National Chief of Staff Gene Mortorff gave a presentation on “snapshot reporting”, a new Camp/Department reporting process being proposed. A lengthy discussion ensued focusing on both the positives and negatives of the proposed process. Motion made by PCinC Jim Pahl, second by Council Member James Hanby to (1) end discussion on this proposal because the Council of Administration cannot act on it and (2) correct the slides and present to the National Encampment. The Commander-in-Chief subsequently tabled the motion.

National Treasurer Max Newman distributed copies of the proposed budget for the 2008-2009 administrative year. A general discussion followed, hitting on topics ranging from reimbursable expenses when representing the Commander-in-Chief to requests for funding for various monument projects. Motion by PCinC Jim Pahl, second by Council Member James Hanby, to approve the budget as presented. Motion passed.

Commander-in-Chief Kuhn commended Chairman Brad Schall and the Committee on Americanization and Education for their work in developing an educational program for Juniors/Junior Associates. This program forms the core of the proposed “ Memorial University”.

PCinC Richard Orr provided clarification on some of the wording of recommendations in his National Counselor report to the National Encampment. He also presented information on Ward 57, an organization that provides items to seriously wounded veterans returning from Afghanistan and Iraq that the Government does not provide. PCinC Orr requested that the SUVCW website provide a link to this organization. PCinC Jim Pahl responded that care should be taken in light of the fact that the IRS is clamping down on links to not-for-profit websites.

PCinC George Powell noted that the laptops that will be distributed to National officers must have anti-virus software and that the National organization must provide funds for this. Commander-in-Chief Kuhn deferred action on this item to the next administration.

National Chief of Staff Gene Mortorff thanked everyone for their support this past year. Members of the Council, in turn, expressed their thanks to the Chief of Staff for a job well done.

PCinC Jim Pahl recommended that the incoming Commander-in-Chief task his National Counselor with reviewing the IRS guidelines and rules regarding websites to ensure that the SUVCW is in compliance.

As a follow-up to the discussion on reimbursement to National officers when representing the Commander-in-Chief, a motion was made by Council Member Dan Murray, second by PCinC Jim Pahl, to reimburse Junior Vice Commander-in-Chief Leo Kennedy for representing the Commander-in-Chief at the New England Regional Association meeting. Motion passed.

Senior Vice Commander-in-Chief Dave Medert noted that he has an early afternoon flight on Sunday and that, if elected Commander-in-Chief, the post-Encampment Council of Administration meeting will move fast.

National Chaplain Jerry Kowalski reported that he will hold a church service at 7:00 am Sunday morning for those wishing to attend prior to the Council meeting or heading home.

With no further business to come before the Council, Commander-in-Chief Kuhn adjourned the meeting at 11:10 pm.


Respectfully Submitted in Fraternity, Charity and Loyalty,

Donald D. Palmer, Jr., PDC

National Secretary, SUVCW

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