Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War

Council of Administration Meeting
August 7, 2003
Ft. Mitchell, Kentucky

Commander-in- Chief, Robert Grim called the meeting to order at 3:00 p.m. EDST, then led the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag. The Roll Call of Officers was read, all voting members of the Council were present as follows: Commander-in-Chief (C-in-C) Robert E. Grim, Senior Vice Commander-in-Chief (SVC-in-C) Kent L. Armstrong, Junior Vice Commander-in-Chief (JVC-in-C) Stephen A. Michaels, National Quartermaster PC-in-C Elmer (Bud) Atkinson, PC-in-C George L. Powell, National Treasurer Max L. Newman, National Secretary PC-in-C Edward J. Krieser, PDC Donald E. Darby, PDC Ronald B. Gill and PDC Robert M. Petrovic. In addition were PC-in-C Richard Greenwalt, PC-in-C Charles Corfman, PC-in-C Lowell V. Hammer, PC-in-C David R. Medert, PC-in-C Alan R. Loomis, PC-in-C Danny Wheeler, National Counselor PDC James B. Pahl, and Executive Director PCC Lee F. Walters.

Officers' reports were reviewed for possible Council Action. First item of business was the 2002-2003 proposed budget presented by the National Treasurer, Max Newman. Don Darby moved, seconded by Max Newman in the General Fund to move $7500.00 from the Special Projects to Contingency leaving $2500.00 in the Special Project. Passed Unanimously.

PC-in-C George Powell moved with many seconds that the proposed budget as amended above be adopted. Passed by unanimous vote.

As a concern of the Executive Director, Lee Walters regarding the Internet address change form does not go thru the Department Secretary with the Form 30 and that he is then making changes to the Department Database possibly without the knowledge of the Department Secretary. PC-in-C Elmer Atkinson moved with numerous seconds to authorize the Executive Director to notify the Department Secretary that the address change was received and entered in the database.

Discussion on Eagle Scout Certificate. Bob Petrovic moved, Ron Gill seconded to reverse the Order's membership Badge and the GAR badge so the GAR Badge is on it's own right side and to get another graphic for the GAR Badge showing the canton of the flag in the upper (it's own) right. Passed by a unanimous vote.

PC-in-C George Powell moved that the Pre-1996 Life Membership Program reimbursement rate remain at $4 for another year. After many seconds, the motion was passed unanimously.

Treasurer, Max Newman informed Council members of the paperwork and expense necessary to obtain bonding for the additional National Officer positions, as approved at the March 2003 Council of Administration meeting. Processing will take place after the resulting officer elections and appointments at the 2003 National Encampment.

The meeting was adjourned.

Respectfully submitted in
Fraternity, Charity and Loyalty,
Edward J. Krieser, PC-in-C
National Secretary

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