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National Council of Administration

Meeting Minutes

17 April 2010

Springfield, IL

The Council of Administration meeting was opened by Commander-in-Chief Leo F. Kennedy at 7:50 pm. The opening prayer was offered by Junior Vice Commander-in-Chief Brad Schall, followed by the Pledge of Allegiance, led by CinC Leo Kennedy. The roll of Council of Administration was called, with the following recorded as present:

Voting Members Present
Commander-in-Chief Leo F. Kennedy                       Council Member Robert Petrovic
Junior Vice Commander-in-Chief Brad Schall           Council Member Kenneth Freshley
National Secretary Donald D. Palmer, Jr.                   Council Member Tad Campbell
National Treasurer Richard D. Orr, PCinC                 Council Member Perley Mellor
National Quartermaster Danny L. Wheeler, PCinC   Council Member William Vieira

PCinC David V. Medert and Senior Vice Commander-in-Chief James Hanby were recorded as absent.

Non-Voting Members Present
Executive Director David Demmy                             PCinC Ed Krieser      
National Counselor Robert Grim, PCinC                   PCinC James B. Pahl
Banner Editor Stephen A. Michaels, PCinC              PCinC Keith Harrison

Guests of the Council of Administration
Asst. Nat. Treasurer Max Newman                            PDC Alan Russ (Acting Program & Policy Committee Chairman)


Old Business

Commander-in-Chief Kennedy provided a status of the on-line boardroom voting and referred Council members to National Secretary Don Palmer’s report for the compilation of voting results to date for the 2009-2010 administrative year.

Commander-in-Chief Kennedy requested a review of reports and recommendations from National officers and committees. Motion by Council Member Bob Petrovic, second by National Quartermaster Danny Wheeler, to review and act on recommendations individually rather than acting on them as a group. Motion passed.

The recommendation made by the National Quartermaster to purchase a rider to his home insurance to cover SUVCW merchandise was discussed. The estimated cost for fire protection was $403 per year; however, the additional cost for theft protection was still needed. Motion by Council Member Petrovic, second by National Treasurer Richard Orr, to get more information on insurance options and associated costs and then take action via the electronic boardroom. Motion passed.

Commander-in-Chief Kennedy updated the Council on the latest relative to interactions with the Internal Revenue Service. He noted that the W-2C forms have been filed, but the 15 February deadline was missed. As a result, the National organization could be fined for this delinquency.

Commander-in-Chief Kennedy initiated a discussion about promoting the Order. He noted that, even though the recent motion to sponsor the “Chump Car” was rejected, this body should still be thinking about programs/activities to promote the Order.

Commander-in-Chief Kennedy asked the Council to review recommendations made by the Program & Policy Committee. The following actions were taken:

New Business

Commander-in-Chief Kennedy brought up an issue with two Camps in the Department of Missouri installing officers after the January 31 deadline without prior approval from the Council of Administration. Once aware of this violation, Missouri Department Commander Brian Smarker sent an explanation to the Commander-in-Chief along with a request to accept the delinquent installation. Council Member Petrovic noted that delinquency has become habitual with the Camps in question. Motion by National Treasurer Orr, second by National Quartermaster Danny Wheeler, to deny the request. Motion passed. This action requires that last Camp officers legitimately installed are still the officers of record.

Commander-in-Chief Kennedy introduced a request from the Department of California & Pacific to establish three corporations as subsidiaries to the Department of California & Pacific. The three proposed corporations include (1) The California SUVCW National Encampment, Inc., (2) Past Commanders Association of Southern California, SUVCW, and (3) The Union Soldier Civil War Monument of Ontario, Inc. National Treasurer Orr commented that these corporations can be established, but cannot be set up as subsidiaries to the SUVCW. The Commander-in-Chief noted that corporations (1) and (3) could be titled as proposed; however, for organization (2), “SUVCW” must be removed from the title.

National Treasurer Orr provided a report from the Treasury. He noted that there was a recent issue with PayPal in that the account had been turned off. After several phone calls, the account was re-opened. Brother Orr also noted that the National organization has spent $32,700 more than it has received to date. He indicated that per capita from the Departments doesn’t show up as earned income until July 1. In addition, Brother Orr mentioned that the Senior Vice Commander-in-Chief’s Fund contains over $30,000. He noted that in his recommendations for the National Encampment, he will request that the language in the Constitution & Regulations requiring $5 from each application fee go to the Senior Vice Commander-in-Chief’s Fund be changed.

On the subject of orders, Brother Orr commented that the organization is still waiting for Junior Associate badges from Simon Bros. He noted that the National organization has been ordering membership badges from Simon Bros. for a significant period of time. Brother Orr also mentioned that shipping charges for paper products are getting high and the Treasury is getting hit hard. He recommended that this issue be brought to the floor of the National Encampment.

Brother Orr concluded his report by noting the upcoming 100th anniversary of Soldiers and Sailors Hall in Pittsburgh, PA and the celebration that will be held on 09 October 2010. A question was raised about taking out and advertisement in the National Encampment program book relative to this event. The Commander-in-Chief noted that a decision must be made by July.

National Secretary Don Palmer inquired about revisions to Forms 50 and 53 that were proposed by past National Secretary Michael Bennett back in 2007. No information could be provided on final approval of these forms. Brother Palmer noted that the proposed forms are far more informative that the current forms located on the National website and would help eliminate confusion experienced by Camp organizers. As a result, the Commander-in-Chief tasked Brother Palmer with providing the proposed drafts of these forms to acting Program & Policy Chairman Alan Russ for review and action.

Council Member Petrovic provided a report from the Lincoln Tomb Ceremony Committee and mentioned that, for the first time, both newspaper and TV interviews were conducted at the Tomb. He also noted that, for next year, that the committee will not cover bus costs to the Stephenson grave ceremony in Petersburg, IL.

With no further business to come before the Council, Commander-in-Chief Kennedy asked Junior Vice Commander-in-Chief Schall to provide a closing prayer and subsequently adjourned the meeting at 10:00 pm.


Respectfully Submitted in Fraternity, Charity and Loyalty,

Donald D. Palmer, Jr., PDC

National Secretary, SUVCW

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