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Council of Administration Meeting
April 17, 2004
Huntington, Indiana

The meeting opened at 8:10 a.m. with Commander-in-Chief Kent Armstrong leading the group in the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.

The Secretary read the roll of National Elected Officers. All were present, as follows: Commander-in-Chief (C-in-C) Kent L. Armstrong, Senior Vice Commander-in-Chief (SVC-in-C) Stephen A. Michaels, Junior Vice Commander-in-Chief (JVC-in-C) Donald E. Darby, National Quartermaster PC-in-C Elmer F. Atkinson, PC-in-C Robert E. Grim, National Treasurer Max L. Newman, National Secretary PC-in-C Edward J. Krieser, PDC Ronald B. Gill, PDC Robert M. Petrovic and PDC David P. Stephen. Non-voting members PC-in-C Charles W. Corfman and National Counselor PDC James B. Pahl were also in attendance, as well as National Executive Director PCC Lee F. Walters and National Chief of Staff PDC Michael S. Bennett.

National Treasurer Max Newman gave the Treasurer's Report.

CinC Armstrong respectfully reminded the Council of the need for a ruling on whether or not certain G.A.R. artifacts, previously in the care of a Rhode Island Camp, should remain in the care of the Department of Rhode Island (as directed by a previous Dept. administration) or be returned to the Camp of origin. After a lengthy discussion, the National Counselor advised that the CinC could issue a ruling on the matter - based upon which of the options would provide the best storage and preservation of the items, while still making the material available for public viewing.

The Program and Policy Committee proposed numerous updates to the National Organization's Policy Statements on: Unused GAR and SUVCW Graves, The BANNER, and Awards and Recognition. With the Council's approval, the updated Policy on each of these topics will now be posted to the Web site for distribution to the membership.

CinC Armstrong introduced Brother Gib Young of the Camp in Huntington, Indiana, who presented information on liability insurance to the Council of Administration. No action was taken at this time.

It was determined that the 2003 National Encampment Host Committee mistakenly sent a check to the National Organization. Bob Petrovic Moved, Max Newman second to return the check to the Host Committee. Eight (8) votes yes, Zero (0) no and 1 abstention from the vote. Motion passed.

Bob Petrovic moved, Bob Grim second to pay the amount described for the National Headquarters liability insurance. Motion passed by unanimous vote.

Bob Grim moved Don Darby second to approve a Pennsylvania Department request to approve its decision to deposit Pennsylvania Department Records in the Pennsylvania State Archives. This was necessary because the language of the Department Bylaws required Council of Administration approval. The motion passed unanimously.

As the National Executive Director has taken on several time consuming duties for our Order in addition to those listed in his contract, CinC Armstrong proposed that the budget provide a commensurate payment for services rendered. After discussion of this possibility with the National Treasurer, Bob Grim moved Bud Atkinson second to increase compensation to Lee Walters as Executive Director from Thirteen Thousand Dollars ($13,000.00) to Fifteen Thousand Dollars ($15,000.00) per year effective July 1, 2004. Passed by unanimous vote. A new contract will be drawn up, detailing tasks and compensation.

Bob Petrovic moved, Ron Gill second to cover the expenses of Champion Hill Camp, in Huntington, Indiana for hosting this meeting of the Council of Administration. Motion passed by unanimous vote.

CinC Armstrong shared a letter received from the Department of Massachusetts, requesting permission to use the image of the SUVCW Membership Badge in the design of a patriotic bumper sticker, to be sold for the purpose of raising funds to purchase replacement grave marker / flag holders for MA cemeteries. After review of a scaled down, full-color prototype print, Don Darby moved, Max Newman second to approve the request. Approved by unanimous vote.

Bud Atkinson moved, Bob Petrovic second to approve the request of the Department of Michigan to continue producing and selling the embroidered pocket patches of the SUVCW Insignia and the Coat-of-Arms and the gold colored metal "SUV" Hat Badge. Approved by unanimous vote.

CinC Armstrong proposed that the Order henceforth annually place a wreath at the G.A.R. Monument in Washington, D.C. on May 30th, with identification of the SUVCW and a weather protected card attached that provides our Web site address. Bob Grim moved, Bob Petrovic seconded to approve, with a $75.00 limit to the cost of the wreath. Approved by unanimous vote.

CinC Armstrong proposed that funds be budgeted for the purpose of travel expense reimbursement to Brothers who represent the National Organization on behalf of a CinC at Department Encampments or other designated events that a CinC cannot attend. This would apply to those Brothers who do not have a budgeted allowance, tied to their particular office. Based on input from National Treasurer Newman, Bob Grim moved, Don Darby second that the National Organization establish such an account, with a limit of $4200.00 (Forty-Two Hundred Dollars) per year and up to $300.00 (Three Hundred Dollars) per event, for reimbursement of travel and lodging expense to a Brother who is designated by a CinC to represent the National Organization at a particular function. Approved by unanimous vote.

Don Darby moved, Bud Atkinson second to purchase a transcription machine and to discontinue paying someone to attend the National Encampments to transcribe the event. The tapes can be copied and then sent to any transriptionist to make a written electronic version. Approved by unanimous vote.

National Counselor Pahl informed the Council that new information has been acquired, indicating that our Congressionally Chartered organization is eligible to be designated by the Internal Revenue Service with 501(c)(3) non-profit status. [The SUVCW is currently recognized as a 501(c)(4) non-profit organization.] Bud Atkinson moved, Bob Grim second to pursue obtaining the 501(c)(3) tax status for the National Organization, SUVCW. The $500.00 (Five Hundred Dollars) fee to come from the contingency fund. The motion passed by unanimous vote.

PCinC Atkinson moved, with Second by PCinC Grim, to modify a previously approved motion - related to contacting the ASUVCW and LGAR regarding the possibility of an increased donation from those Orders toward the expenses of hosting a combined National Encampment (to be effective for the 2005 National Encampment of our Orders). Motion approved unanimously.

Don Darby moved, Bud Atkinson second to not exchange publications with other Organizations. Approved by unanimous vote.

Meeting adjourned. [The "Pre-Encampment" Council meeting will take place on August 12, 2004 at 8:00 p.m.]

APPENDAGE - The "Electronic Boardroom" votes, made between the 11-16-03 and 04-17-04 Council of Administration meetings were:

  1. Minutes of the November 16, 2003 Council meeting approved unanimously.
  2. Motion by Max Newman Second by Ed Krieser to make procedural changes to the "Guidelines for the National Credentials Committee" so that:
    1. All National Encampment Pre-registrations be sent directly to the National Credentials Committee;
    2. The pre-registration blank form is put on the National Web site and in the hands of the BANNER Editor (or printer) by a date prior to the Winter issue of the BANNER. (The only exception to #3 being that since the Winter issue of the Banner has already been published for 2003, that it shall appear in the Spring 2004 issue of the Banner to take effect immediately to be applicable for the 123rd National Encampment in August 2004.);
    3. The Credentials Committee shall, on a weekly basis, inform the Host Department Committee with an updated head count total of how many members are planning to attend;
    4. The Credentials Committee shall send the collected pre-registration fees to the National Treasurer on a two week basis, since the checks need to clear the banks for both the National Organization and the individuals; and that
    5. These changes take effect immediately. 9 (Nine) votes yes, 0(Zero) votes no.
  3. A request by the CinC to exercise summary discipline was approved with 8 (eight) votes yes, 0 (zero) votes no. The CinC as well as the Sr. Vice CinC did not vote. Copies of the full complaint may be obtained from the National Secretary.
  4. Moved by Don Darby, seconded by Bob Grim to reimburse Council of Administration Member PDC Robert Petrovic for his expenses incurred in assisting Department of Iowa with National Encampment planning. 8 (Eight) votes yes and 1 (One) abstention.
  5. Don Darby moved, seconded by Bob Petrovic the following:
  6. Whereas a number of Brothers currently on active duty with the United States Military Forces are in active combat zones,

    Whereas these Brothers cannot respond to requests for payment of dues,

    Whereas this Order has a history of waiving the National Per Capita Dues in such instances,

    Therefore be it resolved that any Brother serving in an active combat zone as of March 31, 2004 shall be exempt from paying the 2004 National per Capita Dues,

    Furthermore, all Departments and Camps are hereby memorialized to likewise waive Department and Camp dues for these Brothers for the year 2004.


    To request the waiver, the camp must indicate on a sheet of paper the names, rank and unit of each Brother being exempted. Note the Brother must be in an active combat area/zone to qualify for the exemption. For purposes of implementation any Brother deployed to Iraq or the Afghanistan theaters shall be deemed to be in an active combat zone. 9 (Nine) votes yes, 0 (Zero) votes no.

  7. Don Darby moved, seconded by Max Newman to prepare a letter to be sent to the Allied Orders regarding National Encampment contributions. Eight (8) votes yes and One (1) abstention.

Respectfully submitted in
Fraternity, Charity and Loyalty,
Edward J. Krieser, PC-in-C
National Secretary

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