Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War

Council Of Administration Meeting
March 25, 2000
Erie, Pennsylvania

The meeting of the Council of Administration was called to order by Past Commander-in-Chief Richard Orr, at the request of Commander-in-Chief Danny L. Wheeler. PCinC Orr used the new CinC's gavel, which is inscribed with a memorial to Past Department Commander of Pennsylvania, David Orr.

The minutes of the CoA meeting of Nov. 21, 1999 were read and approved with the following correction. The preservation of the portrait of A. P. Davis has only begun in the past three weeks.

Approved the use of a Camp Quarterly Report revised by SVCinC Ed Krieser with changes discussed by the CoA. Also to review and consider renumbering all forms.

JVCinC George Powell reported that he has received and processed 123 new Membership applications since August 1999.

Discussions took place as to the direction that the Order should spend its advertising budget to achieve the most beneficial results.

Voted to include the Civil War Memorials Officer in the "Camp Officer Flow Chart." Also voted to remove the reference to a Provisional Camp from the online posting for organization of a new Camp.

The need to reconcile the membership list noted. To be done by mailing each Camp, via Department Secretaries, the existing list, to be corrected with additions and deletions.

Approved letter to be sent to all Departments explaining proper procedures to use to follow Quarterly Reports. Incomplete reports will be returned to Department Secretaries. Voted that any Department whose report is returned as incomplete would not be in good standing. C. & R. Committee to review this.

With the formation of a new Department imminent, discussion took place as to the printing of new Department Charters. This concentrated on the year 2000 issue, and the most economical way to produce a document likely to be used in a limited capacity.

Noted the need of PCinC Keith Harrison to resign as National Proceedings Editor. Time limitations prevent him from completing the 1999 proceedings, with previous year's proceedings also needing completion. These must be completed to avoid violation of Federal Statutes. CoA voted to have all Proceedings materials sent to National Secretary to keep inventory, and as a central storage place. Individuals with the ability to work on the Proceedings are urged by the CoA to contact PCinC Harrison.

Treasurer James Pahl reported the resignation of the Order's accountant, Geraldine Orr, effective July 1, 2000. Ms. Orr has indicated her willingness to assist in closing the fiscal year, should it be done in a reasonable amount of time. CoA approved an award to be designed and made to recognize Ms. Orr's service to the Order. This to be paid from the CinC's fund.

Quartermaster Bud Atkinson, PCinC, reports that he needs all amendments to the C. & R. in order to update and publish new versions. The QM has filled 433 orders since the August Encampment, and reports that Member badge sales are strong. New Camp Charters have been ordered. CinC Wheeler recognized PCinC Atkinson for his efforts as QM.

PCinC Andrew Johnson reported a complete lack of response from the Smithsonian Institution to his inquiries regarding G.A.R. artifacts in their collection. Suggestions were made to help elicit a response from them.

Members on active duty military service will be encouraged to remain in contact with their Camp, as opposed to being designated National Members-at-Large.

Discussion took place on the details remaining to be addressed in the formation of the Department of Nebraska.

Noted in the report of Richard Williams, National Membership List Coordinator, is his intention to resign the office, effective August 2000. He wishes to devote his time to development of the software used by the Order to keep records. Brothers interested in the position of National Membership List Coordinator are encouraged to contact CinC Wheeler. Mailing lists for complimentary issues of The Banner were reviewed and updated at the request of Brother Williams.

Recommendations by National Memorials Chairman Donald Darby concerning National Memorial database software to be reviewed by the Communications Technology Committee.

National Graves Registration Officer Leo Kennedy reports 57,155 entries in the database. Disbursement of a pamphlet to Departments should commence in April. The CD containing the Graves Registration software for proposed use is to be reviewed by the Communications Technology Committee.

The recommendation of the National Patriotic Instructor to amend the C. & R. to clarify Union Defenders Day was referred to the C. & R. Committee.

Questions and recommendations of Dr. David Martin, National Historian, to be answered by the CinC.

PCinC Richard Orr was added to the Communications Technology Committee by appointment of the CinC. The CoA noted the list of recommendations that the Comm Tech Committee wishes to propose at the National Encampment in August. CoA voted that Comm Tech Committee will revisit the Order's policy on database format.

Requests by Departments, relayed to CoA by National Eagle Scout Certificate Coordinator William Mason, to include space on future printings of the Commendation Certificate for the issuing Department's name, was referred to SVCinC Ed Krieser.

Efforts being made to publish a special issue Banner were reported to the CoA.

PCinC Keith Harrison reported as National Webmaster that hits on the website are averaging 8,423 per day in 2000. This represents an increase of more than 1700 per day over early 1999. E-mail requests from the website run 30 to 50 daily. Also, many new features were added, including biographies, and a site to print SUVCW forms.

Scholarship Committee Chairman reported having received 13 applications, with a deadline of March 31, 2000 for receiving applications.

Report of PCinC Keith Harrison concerning the Department of Rhode Island's boundaries, G.A.R. property held by the state, and RISUVCW, Inc. discussed. Further developments to be closely monitored.

PCinC Charles Corfman, Chairman National Encampment Site Committee reported developments on future Encampments. Most promising sites are currently Springfield MO, 2001, Springfield IL, '02, Cincinnati OH, '03, Plano TX, '04.

All present agreed that a speedy solution to the Gettysburg G.A.R. Hall dispute would be beneficial to the Order.

Approved accepting offer, subject to contract approval, of City of Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, to establish National Headquarters, SUVCW, at National Museum of the Civil War. Contract to be reviewed by National Counselor, James Pahl. PCinC Richard Orr elected to receive bids for liability and fire insurance for National HQ.

CoA granted extensions to install Camp officers to several Departments and Camps.

Voted to reaffirm Rebecca Pratt as proceedings Secretary in the second year of an existing three-year contract. CinC Wheeler will notify her.

Discussed the problem of Camps within the same Department having the same Number. To be handled by CinC Wheeler.

Reviewed reactions to General Orders #4. CinC Wheeler noted that as a result of the Orders, three member resignations were received. While he tremendously regrets their loss, he felt he must uphold the decision of a National Encampment. It is anticipated that there will be debate of the matter at this year's Encampment.

Voted to frame and hang in National HQ the SCV resolution applauding the SUVCW, and to join SUVCW in preserving historical memorials to all soldiers who fought their beliefs.

Reviewed the question of Department of New Jersey on liability insurance. It was ascertained that the National Organization carries none. The CoA respectfully requests information for review on this matter from any Brother with expertise in the insurance business.

The CoA supports efforts of PCinC Alan Loomis on behalf of the G.A.R. Highway.

Contract for an Executive Director approved, including defining duties to be performed in a fee for service agreement. Candidate selection process has narrowed to the point that an Executive Director will probably be selected in the next several weeks.

Approved the procuring of the National Organization's computer by QM Atkinson, with the issue of its use referred to the Communications Technology Committee.

Discussion of Banner publication. A new issue is nearly ready. Anticipating an increase in budget request due to increased membership. Determined that a price per issue cannot be printed on the cover. CinC Wheeler expressed his thanks to the Editor, Ken Richmond, and to the publisher, SVCinC Krieser.

Life Membership policies reviewed with no action taken.

Regretfully voted to deny a request by Sarah M. Sterling Tent No. 3, DUVCW, for financial assistance for legal fees, related to action trying to force the City of Detroit to follow law in refurbishment of G.A R. Hall in Detroit.

SVCinC Ed Krieser displayed the first Founders Award, to be presented to Columbia Gas for their work on the Eternal Peace Light Memorial at Gettysburg. All agreed the award is beautiful.

Approved a motion to make all merchandise marketing requests for items bearing the official markings of the SUVCW, granted at this meeting, expire on June 30, 2002.

Denied a request by Larry Roach to use SUVCW logo on pocket watches.

Denied a request by Homer Searle Camp No. 114, Department of New York to use SUVCW logos on tee shirts.

No approval necessary for Farragut Camp, Department of Tennessee, to use on invitation cards for Camp use. To sell will require CoA approval.

Approved Sydney Camp No.41, Department of New York, to sell hats with SUVCW logo.

Approved Ross Camp No. 1, Department of Pennsylvania, use of SUVCW and GAR logos for memorial ribbons for Ross Camp members only. Sale of ribbons to others denied.

Approved Ed Krieser's request to make available 12 inch SUVCW logo embroidered patches.

Approved extension request by Department of Michigan for SUV hatpins, and use of SUVCW Emblem and Coat of Arms on jacket patches and mouse pads.

Approved request, Camp 51, Department of Ohio, to extend license on all items to June 30, 2002.

Approved request U.S. Grant Camp No. 68, extension of license on SUVCW logo polo shirts, coffee mugs, address labels, and satin jackets. Request for license on all other items denied.

Respectfully submitted in Fraternity, Charity and Loyalty,
Todd A. Shillington
National Secretary

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