Civil War Medal of Honor Recipients
From and/or Buried in Indiana
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First Name M.I. Alt. Name Unit State Branch Co.  Rank Cemetery Name Cemetery City Cemetery
Residence Upon Enlistment County of Residence GAR Post GAR City/State
Anderson Marion T.   51st IN INF D Capt Arlington Arlington Arlington VA Kokomo Howard    
Archer James W.   59th IN INF A 1 Lt Riverside Spencer Owen IN Spencer Owen    
Armstrong Clinton L.   83rd IN INF D Pvt Mt Fountain Park Winchester Randolph IN Indpls Marion    
Banks George L.   15th IN INF C Sgt Mount Hope Independence Montgomery KS Allen Allen    
Blasdale Thomas A. Thomas A. Blasdel 83rd IN INF H Pvt Fairlawn Hutchinson Reno KS Guilford Dearborn    
Box Thomas J.   27th IN INF D Capt Greenhill Bedford Lawrence IN Bedford Lawrence 247 Bedford, IN
Brouse Charles W.   100th IN INF K Capt Crown Hill Indianapolis Marion IN Indpls Marion 17 Indianapolis, IN
Bruner Louis J.   5th IN CAV H Pvt Green Park Portland Jay IN Clifty Decatur    
Buckles Abraham J. Abram J. Buckles 19th IN INF E Sgt Fairfield Fairfield Solano CA Muncie Delaware    
(also here)
William     4th WV INF A Sgt Mossburg Liberty Center   IN        
Campbell William     Navy U. S.     Boatswain Mate * USS Ticonderoga/Ft Fisher       Attrib. to Indiana      
Carson William J.   15th U.S BTN E Mus Beech Grove Muncie Delaware IN        
Chamberlain Orville T.   74th IN INF G 2 Lt Gracelawn Elkhart Elkhart IN Elkhart Elkhart 37 Elkhart, IN
Chisman William W.   83rd IN INF I Pvt Elmwood Augusta Butler KS Wilmington Dearborn    
Conaway John W.   83rd IN INF C Pvt Evergreen Post Falls Kootenai ID Hartford Ohio    
Davis John     17th IN INF F Pvt Ft Logan Nat'l (In Memory of) Sheridan Jefferson CO Indpls Marion    
Dougall Allan H.   88th IN INF   1st Lt IOOF New Haven Allen IN New Haven Allen 271 Fort Wayne, IN
Evans Coron D. Corvan/Corren 3rd IN CAV A Pvt Unknown       Jefferson Co Madison    
Ferrier Daniel T.   2nd IN CAV K Sgt Nebo Burlington Carroll IN Delphi Carroll    
Ferris Eugene W.   30th MA INF F&S Capt Rockville Rockville Parke IN        
Finkenbiner Henry S.   107th OH INF D Corp Hopewell Church Lagro Wabash IN        
Fout Fredrick W.   15th IN Lt Art   2 Lt Bellefontaine St. Louis St. Louis MO Indpls Marion    
Frantz Joseph R.   83rd IN INF E Pvt Calvary Catholic Northfield Rice MN Osgood Ripley    
Graham Thomas N.   15th IN INF G 2 Lt Oak Hill  Lawrence Douglas KS Westville LaPorte    
Helms David H.   83rd IN INF B Pvt Silver Lake Silver Lake Shawnee KS Farmers Retreat Dearborn    
Holmes William T.   3rd IN CAV A Pvt Old Bean Appleton City St. Clair Co. MO Indpls Marion    
(also here)
Ira     8th IN INF E Pvt Salem United Methodist Church Chipley Jackson FL Henry Co Henry    
Hudson Aaron R.   17th IN INF C Pvt Regan Neosho Newton MO LaPorte Co LaPorte    
Irwin Nichalos     Navy U.S. U.S.S. Brooklyn     Marion National Marion Grant IN        
James Isaac     110th OH INF H Pvt Brick Memorial Union City Randolph IN        
(See CDV Here)
Ruel M.   100th IN INF D Maj Oak Ridge Goshen Elkhart IN Goshen Elkhart 37 Elkhart, IN
Johnston (also here) Walter (William) P.   Navy U.S.     Landsman Patton LaPorte LaPorte IN        
Jordon Absalom     3rd IN CAV A Corp Centerville Baptist Lovett Jennings IN N Madison Jefferson    
(also here)
William     49th IN INF A 1 Sgt Ames Chapel Abydel Orange IN Dubois Co DuBois 334 French Lick, IN
Kinsey John   John McKenzie 45th  PA INF B Corp Crown Hill Indianapolis Marion IN        
Kirk Jonathan C.   20th IN INF F Capt Maple Grove Wichita Sedgwick KS Wilmington OH      
Kuder Jeremiah     74th IN INF A Lt Marion National Marion Grant IN Warsaw Kosciusko    
Lawton Henry W.   30th IN INF A Major General Arlington Arlington Arlington VA Ft Wayne Allen 40 Fort Wayne, IN
O'Donnell Menomen     11th MO INF A Capt Mount Cavalry Vincennes Knox IN        
Opel John N.   7th IN INF G Pvt Mt Zion Milan Sullivan MO Decatur Co Decatur    
Overturf Jacob H.   83rd IN INF K Pvt Holton Holton Ripley IN Holton Ripley 495 Holton, IN
Robertson Robert S.   93rd NY INF   Bvt. Col. Lindenwood Fort Wayne Allen IN        
Rood Oliver P.   20th IN INF B Pvt Mount Olivet Nashville Davidson TN Terre Haute Vigo    
Russell Milton E.   51st IN INF A Capt Odd Fellows Columbarium  San Francisco San Francisco CA N Salem Hendricks    
Ryan Peter J.   11th IN INF D Pvt Calvary Terre Haute Vigo IN Vigo Co Vigo    
(also here)
Charles H.   11th IN INF F Sgt Fairview New Albany Floyd IN New Albany Floyd    
Shepherd William     3rd IN CAV A Pvt Conaway Family Dillsboro Dearborn IN Dillsboro Dearborn    
Smalley Ruben S.   83rd IN INF F Pvt South Park Greensburg Decatur IN Poston Ripley    
Steinmetz William     83rd IN INF G Pvt Wesleyan Cincinnati Hamilton OH Sunman Ripley    
Sterling John T.   11th IN INF D Pvt Bethesda W. Terre Haute Vigo IN Marion Co Marion 163 W. Terre Haute, IN
Stolz Franklin     83rd IN INF G Pvt St Joseph Indianapolis Marion IN Sunman Dearborn    
Swanson John   Jacob Johnson Navy U.S. USS Santiago de Cuba     Crown Hill Indianapolis Marion IN        
Taylor Richard     18th IN INF E Pvt Pioneer Park Washington Daviess IN Martin Co. Martin    
Thompson William P.   20th IN INF G Sgt Greenbush Lafayette Tippacanoe IN Tippecanoe Co. Tippecanoe    
Whitehead John M.   15th IN INF   Chaplin Topeka Topeka Shawnee KS Westville Laporte    
Wilkes Perry     Navy U.S.     Pilot of USS Signal Cave Hill Louisville Jefferson KY Jeffersonville Clark    

*Navy ships entered in cemetery space


1. The Congressional Medal of Honor The Names, The Deeds.  Sharp & Dunnigan Publications 1984

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