Sons of Union Veterans of The Civil War

Office of the Commander-in-Chief

Charles E. Kuhn Jr., PDC

464 Lake Meade Dr .

East Berlin , PA 17316


General Order #35

Series 2007 – 2008

9 August 2008


The following awards are hereby presented to the following Brothers, Camps and Departments;
  1. Meritorious Service Awards have been presented to the following Brothers of the Order;
      Larry Green, Dept. of NY
      Phil Soring, Dept. of NY
      Will Tisch, Dept. of Cal/Pac
      Kevin Motter, Dept. of NC
      Eric Peterson, Dept. of GA/SC
      Gene Turner, Dept. of OK
      Carl Fallen, Dept. of OK
      John “Tucker” McHugh, Dept. of OK
  2. Meritorious Service Awards with Gold Star have been presented to the following;

      Ken Freshley, Dept. of OH
      James Davenport, Dept. of Col/Wy

  3. The Abraham Lincoln Award goes to The Col. E. D. Baker Camp #6 in Oregon for raising over $20,000 for the construction of a replacement bronze statue that was stolen from a cemetery and the replacement of over 35 gravestones in the GAR plot where the monument stood.

  4. The Marshal Hope Award goes to the C. K. Pier Badger Camp #1 – “ Camp Orders ” - for the best newsletter in the Nation.

  5. The Joseph S. Rippey Award goes to the John A. Logan Camp #4, Department of North Carolina for the best new Camp during the preceding Calendar year.

  6. Augustus P. Davis – Conrad Linder Award goes to the Department of New York with 54 new Members.

  7. The U. S. Grant Cup goes to the Department of Nebraska for the greatest percentage gain in Membership. They had a gain of 14%.

  8. The Founders Award this year goes to a man who I do not even need to tell you what he has done to aid in the remembrance of all veterans. With his landmark documentary series “The Civil War” and his new documentary “The War”, the award goes to Mr. Ken Burns.

  9. The following Brothers are hereby appointed as a National Aid for recruiting 5 new Members;

      Jeffrey French, Dept. of MD
      Raymond LeMay, Dept. of NY
      Bruce Glaser, Dept. of NY
      Joe Hervan, Dept. of NY
      George Weinmann, Dept. of NY

  10. The B. F. Stephenson Award goes to Brother Jeff French of the Department of Maryland for recruiting 10 new Members.

  11. The Cornelius F. Whitehouse Outstanding Brother of the Year Award goes to a man who has worked for the past two years researching a burial list of some 75 souls exhumed during construction of a roadway and preparing, planning and organizing a proper military burial of one of them that was a Civil War veteran. He still continues to research many more that are still buried under the roadway where Private Michael McElroy was unearthed. The possibility that 52 more civil war veterans remain, Brother Bruce Frail of the Department of RI.

  12. The following Brother and Sister were selected to receive our two annual educational scholarships;

      James Michael Rasch, James A. Garfield Camp #142, Dept. of Ohio
      Rachael Diane Johnson, Lincoln Cushing Aux. #3, Dept. of Maryland

So ordered this 9th day of August, 2008;

Charles E. Kuhn, Jr.
Commander in Chief
National Order, Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War



Donald Palmer
National Order, Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War

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