Sons of Union Veterans of The Civil War

Office of the Commander-in-Chief

Brad Schall, Commander-in-Chief

2754 Woodacre Ct.

Lincoln , California 95648-8228


General Order #28

SERIES 2010-2011

13 August 2011


Procedural, Requests, Appointments and Awards

The Commander-in-Chief rescind the following sections of General Order #16, series 2010-2011:

Given the aforementioned sections of the Constitution and Regulation (annotated) I believe that the Commander-in-Chief must rule that the term served indicates that the Brother must be eligible for the honor of Past Camp Commander ( P.C.C.) having served either a full term or filled an unexpired term and who has served until the end of that term before he can run for or obtain the office of Department Commander.

The Commander-in-Chief rules that when a Department Commander is elected he must hold the honors of Past Camp Commander.

The Commander-in-Chief at the suggestion of the Department of Maine orders that all references to battles, campaigns or military names be those used by the Federal or Union Armies, Navy, Marines or Revenue Cutters in all Camps, Department or National Newsletters, Banners, Websites or other publications. Names can be researched in the Federal or Union Army section of the “The Official Records of the War of the Rebellion.”

Appoint Brother Lee Stone as Guard for the National Encampment and Brother Charles Mabie as Guide for the National Encampment.

The following awards were issue at, during or before the National Encampment August 13, 2011.

Cornelius F. Whiteside Award - Brothers of the Year:
David M. Lamb, PCC – Department of Iowa
Alan L. Russ, PDC – Department of Kansas

Abraham Lincoln Award – Camp of the year:
Oliver Tilden Camp #26 – Department of New York

Joseph S. Rippey - New Camp Award:
General J.P.S. Gobin Camp #503 – Department of Pennsylvania
General George Stoneman, Jr. – Camp #18 – Department of California and Pacific
B.F. Stephenson – Brother who recruits most new members:
John E. Deppen – Department of Pennsylvania

Augustus P. Davis/Conrad Linder Award – Greatest number of new members:
Department of Ohio

U.S. Grant Cup Awards – Percentage of gain of new members:
Department of Tennessee

Under Forty award - Department with the greatest number of new members under age 40:
Department of Ohio

Meritorious Service Award with Gold Star:
Merle Rudebusch – Department of Nebraska

Marshall Hope Award – Best Department and/or Camp Newsletter:
Department of Michigan

Major General John F. Hartranft #15 – Department of Pennsylvania
General John A. Logan #4 – Department of North Carolina
Colonel Hecker #443 – Department of Illinois

Horace Greeley Award - Best Department or Camp Website:
Department of Michigan

Alfred Woolson Award - Sesquicentennial Signature Event Award:
Twiggs surrender in San Antonia – Department of Texas
Colonel Elmer Ellsworth Graveside Event – Department of New York
Opening of the Civil War – Department of Iowa

John Hood – Elisha Dyer Camp #7 – Department of Rhode Island
Micah James Hadley – Shiloh #2 – Department of Nebraska

National Aides:
John E. Deppen, PCC – Camp #503 – Department of Pennsylvania – 11 new members
Tim Daley – Garfield Camp #142 – Department of Ohio – 8 new members
Merle Rudebusch – Department of Nebraska – 4 new members
Jim Connery – Department of Connecticut – 7 new members
Douglas k. Fielder – Department of Tennessee - 9 new members
Samuel Gant- Department of Tennessee – 9 new members

Meritorious Service Award:
Michael E. Farrell – Department of Florida
Paul Hadley, PDC – Department of Nebraska
Terry Dyer PDC, Department of Illinois
Bob Meyers – Department of New Jersey
Douglas K. Fidler – Department of Tennessee
Samuel Gant – Department of Tennessee
Michael Downs - Department of Indiana
Arthur P. Kirmss – Department of Massachusetts
Dexter Bishop – Department of Massachusetts
Timothy Callaghan, Jr. -– Department of Massachusetts
Donald Martin – Department of Ohio
Charlie Mabie – Department of California & Pacific
Daniel R. Earl - Department of California & Pacific
Harry J. Harland - Department of California & Pacific
Kirby Morgan - Department of California & Pacific
George Weinmann – Department of New York
Jeffrey Albanese - Department of New York
Larry Clowans - Department of New York
James f. Bond - Department of New York
Raymond Wheaton - Department of New York
Lyman Baker - Department of New York
Paul Ellis Graham - Department of New York
Danny Wheeler - Department of New York
Raymond LeMay - Department of New York
David Dzieweilski - Department of New York
Robert Keough - Department of New York
Robert Pugley - Department of New York
Christopher Warren – Department of Missouri
Robert E. Heath – Member-at-Large
Danny Krock – Department of Iowa
Brian C. Pierson – Department of Georgia and South Carolina


Ordered this 13th Day of August 2011.

Brad Schall
Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War


Eugene Mortorff
National Order, Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War

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