Sons of Union Veterans of The Civil War

Office of the Commander-in-Chief

Donald D. Palmer Jr., Commander-in-Chief

147 Lucerne Place

Ballwin, MO 63011


General Order #23

SERIES 2011-2012

23 July 2012

  1. A report was received from National Graves Registration Officer Bruce Frail regarding ordering headstones from the Veterans Administration. A large number of Brothers are apparently circumventing the current policy, which has resulted in inconsistency and confusion when dealing with the Veterans Administration.
  1. The “Policy for Ordering Government Headstones for American Civil War Veterans” was issued in 2010 and is currently located on the SUVCW website under National Policies. This policy requires paperwork to be reviewed and approved by Department Graves Registration Officers prior to submittal to the Veterans Administration. Members-at-Large, Brothers who are members of Camps-at-Large and Brothers whose membership resides in Departments that have no Graves Registration Officer are to submit their paperwork to the National Graves Registration Officer for review and approval.
  1. All Brothers, especially those that are involved with or are contemplating replacement of headstones in their respective communities are urged to review this policy and familiarize themselves with the documentation required and the process for review. Camp Commanders are also urged to include a review of this policy as part of their agenda for an upcoming Camp meeting.
  1. As of the issue date of this General Order, there shall be no requests for headstones made to the Veterans Administration without prior review and approval by either the appropriate Department Graves Registration Officer or the National Graves Registration Officer.

Ordered this 23rd Day of July 2012.

Donald D. Palmer Jr.
Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War


Eugene Mortorff
National Order, Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War





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