Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War
General Orders No. 20
Series 2001 - 2002
George L. Powell, Commander-in-Chief
6114 Gillespie St.
Philadelphia, PA 19135-3611
Telephone: 215-338-7558

I am happy to announce that our Order has established an account with AOL to standardize Email addresses for several National Officers. This will allow us to pass the ID's from one officer to another and allow us to direct Email to the new officers immediately after the National Encampment. This will also allow us to standardize our printed advertising. These new Email addresses are to be used for all official communications with these officers effective immediately. The new ID's are: - Commander-in-Chief - Sr. Vice CinC - JR. Vice CinC - National Secretary - National Treasurer - Executive Director - Webmaster

Ordered this 24th day of May, 2002

By Order of:
George L. Powell

Edward Krieser, PCinC
National Secretary

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