Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War
General Orders No. 19
Series 1997-1998
Richard D. Orr, Commander-in-Chief
153 Connie Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15214-1251
412-931-1173 (voice - home)
412-931-7720 (FAX)
412-578-8369 (voice - business) (e-mail)
July 23, 1998

1. The report of the Trial Commissioner on the Gettysburg GAR Hall matter having been received the following change to General Order No. 9 Series 1997-1998 is hereby made.

2. The evidence gathered by the Trial Commissioner is to be provided to the National Counselor or a member of the legal staff designated by the National Counselor for review for the purpose of determining if there is sufficient evidence to file a criminal complaint with the Adams County District Attorney against Dr. Walter Powell for possible theft of property, unauthorized dispensing of funds, unauthorized transfer of camp property to one or more individuals and/or organizations.

3. The Pennsylvania Department Commander, at his discretion, may to inform The Adams County Historical Society that there is no evidence that Dr. Walter Powell had any authority to transfer any camp or GAR Post records or the William Cashman letters to them. Dr. Powell expended $800 of camp funds for the purchase of the Cashman letters and then promptly transferred them to the ACHS. There is no documented authorization to either expend the funds not transfer the collection to ACHS. That they are potentially in possession of stolen property and said property is to be returned to the SUVCW immediately. Similar notice, at the discretion of Department Commander Knight, may to be sent to the Adams County Public Library which was the recipient of the GAR Post 9 library courtesy of Dr. Powell without any documented authorization from the camp.

4. Evidence was presented that Brother William Little, PDC and Brother George Ollinger while representing Camp 112 on the GAR Hall building restoration committee abrogated their responsibilities by failing to attend and participate in the committee meetings. The Trail Commissioner had noted this for the record and recommend minor action regarding Brother Little and no action regarding Brother Ollinger. In as much as they both committed the same acts of omission, the lack of responsible action is noted and no further action will be taken.

5. On behalf of the National Organization, I wish to thank Brother Charles Kuhn, Jr. Vice Commander, Department of Pennsylvania, for his service as Trial Commissioner and commend him for the manner in which he handled a very difficult and emotional task.

6. This Order closes all internal action pending against present and/or former member of the Order regarding the transfer of the Gettysburg GAR Hall to HGAC and associated activities.

By Order of
Richard D. Orr

David Hann
National Secretary

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