General Orders No. 19
SERIES 2003-2004
Kent L. Armstrong, Commander-in-Chief
213 E. Madison Street / P.O. Box 618
DeWitt, MI 48820-0618
(517) 669-5765 = Voice
(517) 669-1865 = Fax

  1. It is my sad duty to report the passing of Brother Horace N. Rumsey, a Real Son of a Union Veteran of the Civil War. As a Member of David G. Caywood Camp 146, Department of New York, Brother Rumsey honored the memory of his father, Horace Rumsey, who served with the 148th New York Volunteer Infantry Regiment.

  2. All Camp and Department Charters as well as our National Web site are to be draped in black for a period of thirty (30) days.

  3. All Brothers are respectfully directed to attach a black mourning ribbon to their membership badge (per provision in our Constitution & Regulations - Chapter V, General Regulations, Article III, Section 9) for a period of thirty (30) days.

  4. Our deepest sympathies are extended to Brother Rumsey's family.

Ordered this 12th day of March, 2004.

By Order of:
Kent L. Armstrong

Edward Krieser, PCinC
National Secretary

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