Sons of Union Veterans of The Civil War

Office of the Commander-in-Chief





General Order #17a

SERIES 2009-2010

14 August 2010


I am pleased to announce the award recipients for this year:

Meritorious Service Awards:      Gary Naugle, Dept of Michigan
                                                            Sam Gant, Dept of Tennessee
                                                            Tim Callahan, Dept of Massachusetts
                                                            David Lamb, Dept of Iowa
                                                            David Thompson, Dept of Iowa

Meritorious Service Awards with Gold Star:
                                                            Tom Gaard, Dept of Iowa
                                                            Bradley Quinlan, Dept of Georgia and South Carolina

National Aides for recruitment of 5 or more new Brothers:
                                                            Raymond LeMay III, Dept of New York
                                                            Ben Frail, Dept of Rhode Island
                                                            Theodore Golab, Dept of Georgia and South Carolina
                                                            Paul Hadley, Department of Nebraska
                                                            Merle Rudebusch, Department of Nebraska
                                                            Douglas Fidler, Department of Tennessee


Founders Award – Carnegie Free Public Library and 9th Pennsylvania Reserves (Capt. Espy GAR Post meeting room restoration)

Cornelius F Whitehouse Award – Bro Frank Scaturro, Dept of NY

Abraham Lincoln Award – Lincoln Cushing Camp 2, Dept of MD

Augustus P Davis/ Conrad Linder Award – Dept of Michigan (72 new Brothers)

US Grant Cup – Dept of GA/SC and Dept of NC (both with 35% increase in membership)

Marshall Hope Award
Department Newsletter - Dept of CA/Pacific;
Camp Newsletter – The Union Volunteer – Col Edward D Baker Camp 6, Camp at Large, Oregon

New Camps of the Order:
                                                            Bay State Camp #61, Dept of Massachusetts
                                                            James McPherson Camp #1, Dept of Missouri
                                                            Simon Chaffer Camp #134, Dept of Illinois
                                                            US Grant Camp #67, Dept of Michigan
                                                            Phineas Catlin Camp #341, Dept of New York
                                                            George Cribbs Camp #276, Dept of Tennessee
                                                            Maj. William McTeer Camp #39, Dept of Tennessee

My congratulations to all of you Brothers for your great work!


Ordered this 14th Day of August, 2010.

Leo F. Kennedy
Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War



Donald Palmer
National Order, Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War


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