Sons of Union Veterans of The Civil War

Office of the Commander-in-Chief

Perley E. Mellor, Commander-in-Chief

16 Norma Drive

Nashua , NH 03062-1340


General Order #15

SERIES 2012-2013

17 January 2013


A request has been received from Camp-at-Large “The Corporal Renninger Camp # 1 of Eugene, Oregon” to disband. The Camp for some time has indicated that they were having a great deal of problems with the Brothers of the Camp stepping up and becoming Camp Officers.

Due to circumstances beyond any ones control the Brothers of the Camp have voted to surrender their charter. These Brothers have transferred to another Camp in Oregon and the other Brothers are in the process of becoming Members-at-Large.  Given this situation, approval of this request is hereby granted.

Pursuant to Chapter 1, Article 1, Section 5 of the Regulations, all past and present officers of the subject Camp are to turn over to the National Organization any and all properties of said Camp including but not limited to the camp charter and all funds, bank accounts, and holding belonging to aforementioned Camp.

Ordered this 17th Day of January, 2013.

Perley E. Mellor.
Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War



Eugene Mortorff
National Order, Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War

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