General Orders No. 15
SERIES 2004-2005
Stephen A. Michaels, Commander-in-Chief
6623 S. North Cape Road
Franklin, WI 53132-1227
Phone: (414) 425-4648

  1. It is with deep regret that I report the passing of Brother George Weldon Thomson Clark, a Real Son of a Union Veteran of the Civil War and a WWII veteran, on April 6th in Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada. He was 90 years old. As a member of Daniel Chaplin Camp 3, Bangor, Department of Maine, Br. Clark honored the memory of his father, Edwin T.S. Clark, who served as Ordinary Seaman aboard the USS Maria A. Wood.
  2. All Camp and Department charters, as well as the National Website, are to be draped in black for a period of thirty (30) days.
  3. All Brothers are respectfully directed to attach a black mourning ribbon to their membership badge (pursuant to C&R, Article III, Sec. 9) for a period of thirty (30) days.
  4. Our deepest sympathies are extended to Brother Clark's family.

Ordered this 11th Day of May 2005.

By Order of:
Stephen A. Michaels

Michael S. Bennett, PDC
National Secretary

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