General Orders No. 12
SERIES 2003-2004
Kent L. Armstrong, Commander-in-Chief
213 E. Madison Street / P.O. Box 618
DeWitt, MI 48820-0618
(517) 669-5765 = Voice
(517) 669-1865 = Fax

  1. A question has been submitted, asking if a Real Son of a Union veteran of the Civil War is expected to pay the initial Application Fee when he first becomes a Member of the SUVCW.
  2. In the Regulations portion of our Constitution and Regulations (C&R), CHAPTER III - National Organization, ARTICLE VI - Finance, Section 3 - Life Member Programs, Subset (e) states in part, "First generation Sons of Union Veterans are entitled to be a Life Member without payment of any fee."
  3. I have been advised that the reference of "without payment of any fee" is intended to be all-inclusive. Therefore, it is the ruling of this CinC that Real Sons are exempt from all fees. This includes the application fee, Life Member fee, and per capita (= no annual dues). However, this does not apply to the cost of items purchased through the National Quartermaster (membership badge, etc.).

Ordered this 21st day of November, 2003.

By Order of:
Kent L. Armstrong

Edward Krieser, PCinC
National Secretary

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