A Congressionally chartered nonprofit corporation

General Orders No. 10

SERIES 2006-2007

James B. Pahl, Commander -in-Chief
Post Office Box 86
Mason, Michigan 48854
Phone: (517) 676-8403


1. I have been asked to make a ruling on several matters by the Department of Ohio.

2. The honor of Past Department Commander is bestowed upon a brother upon the successful completion of a term as Department Commander .

3. A Past Department Commander is entitled to credentials to a National Encampment, to be granted by the Department so bestowing the honor, so long as that brother is in good standing.

4. The honor of Past Department Commander may not be transferred to another Department, even if the brother so honored is a dual member of a Camp in another Department. The section in the National Regulations for “Restoration of Rank” only applies if a brother loses the honor of Past Department Commander for some reason; such as resignation, discharge, transfer to a Camp in a different Department, being dropped from membership for failure to pay dues, ect.

5. A Past Department Commander is not eligible for the office of delegate or alternate delegate to the National Encampment, even if said brother is a dual member of Camps in more than one Department.

6. All delegates and alternate delegates to a National Encampment must be elected to such office at their respective Department Encampment. If a brother is not so duly elected, the Department Secretary shall not issue a delegate card nor an alternate delegate card to such brother.


Ordered this 24 th day of June, 2007

By Order of:

James B. Pahl

Commander -in-Chief



Michael Bennett

National Secretary


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