Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War
General Orders No. 9
Series 2001 - 2002
George L. Powell, Commander-in-Chief
6114 Gillespie St.
Philadelphia, PA 19135-3611
Telephone: 215-338-7558

It has been the practice of past Commanders-in-Chief to recognize the recruiting efforts of the brothers of our Order. As no policy can be found to define how this is to be done I am listing the procedure to be used for the remainder of my term.

This recognition will be for the following:

These brothers will be appointed National Aides for Recruiting. Those brothers who recruit 3 new members will receive a piece of ribbon in the National Colors which can be worn behind the membership badge of our Order as a sign of their efforts. Those brothers who recruit 5 or more brothers will receive in addition to the ribbon a certificate of appreciation for their efforts.

Each Camp Secretary is responsible to provide a list of the brothers who have recruited the required number of new brothers including the names of the new brothers. This list is to be sent to the Department Secretary who is to verify that the new brothers named are on the Department roster. Once the names have been verified the Department Secretary is to forward the approved lists to the Commander-in-Chief.

By Order of:
George L. Powell

Edward Krieser, PCinC
National Secretary

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