Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War
General Orders No. 8
Series 2001 - 2002
George L. Powell, Commander-in-Chief
6114 Gillespie St.
Philadelphia, PA 19135-3611
Telephone: 215-338-7558

1. At the request of the JVCinC, Department and Camp level Junior Vice Commanders are respectfully reminded of the importance to communicate with membership applicants as soon as possible. Your effort to establish these gentlemen as Brothers in Good Standing, in the Camp of their choice, is critical to the image of our organization. With the added turnover-time for applicants who are referred from the Office of the Junior Vice Commander-in-Chief, the importance of prompt communication on your part is magnified. People who join an organization want to feel as though they are a valued part of it. Please give new applicants no doubt of that.

2. The G.A.R. Memorial Scholarship Applications are currently being accepted. The deadline for all material is March 31, 2002. Completed forms are to be sent to this office. All applications received will be forwarded to the Scholarship Committee. Please keep in mind that we award two $1000 scholarships each year.

3. As we begin the season of our Department Encampments all sitting Department Commanders are reminded that the National Regulations, Chapter II, Article 4, Section 8 prevents any brother from being elected to more than three (3) consecutive terms as Department Commander or from him serving more than forty-five (45) consecutive months as Department Commander. Any Department Commander who is affected by this section who wishes to run for reelection MUST request an exemption from the Council of Administration prior to the election.

4. Brothers are reminded to support the National Patriotic Instructor's Fund, Senior Vice Commander-in-Chief's Fund, the National Headquarters Fund and the Permanent Fund.

By Order of:
George L. Powell

Edward Krieser, PCinC
National Secretary

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