Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War
General Orders No. 6
Series 1998-1999
Andrew M. Johnson, Commander-in-Chief
1200 South Monroe Street
Arlington, VA 22204-4219
703-892-4247 (e-mail)

1. March through June are the great months for department encampments. I have been delighted to attend, to date, encampments at California/Pacific, Iowa and Maryland. Michigan Department will have encamped before this order is published. Wherever I go, I find the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War and its Auxiliary active and full of good ideas. I have also been honored to speak at Lincolnís Tomb on the anniversary of his death and at Grantís Tomb on the occasion of his 177th birthday. I know of no greater honor for a descendant of a Boy in Blue. Both affairs are moments to be remembered. The Order thanks Tom Johnson and Bob Graham for their excellent work at the Lincoln activity and the Oliver Tilden Camp of New York City for its continuing sponsorship of the Grantís Tomb ceremony.

2. I am pleased to announce the reactivation of Pennsylvaniaís Corporal Henry Weaver Camp No. 71 at Freeport, Pennsylvania. Thanks to the brothers of Camp 43 for their cooperation and assistance and to PC-in-C Richard Orr for providing expert assistance.

3. You will read details of the National Encampment elsewhere in this issue. I urge all brothers to be present. The commemoration of the last Encampment of the GAR will be held in the very room they used and will be marked by a special commemorative medal available only to those who participate in the memorial events. The National Encampment will be conducted this year so that all delegates can vote for the incoming national officers. I intend to complete the election and business session on Saturday afternoon with installation to follow. This schedule will require the full cooperation of all delegates so we can prevent the midnight plus sessions sometimes needed in the past. The Encampment has its own very well-designed commemorative badge for all delegates and alternates.

4. I intend to conduct The CINC is in sessions in my official quarters for those who wish to pass on good ideas or problems. Look for posted hours in the Encampment agenda and stop in.

By Order of
Andrew M. Johnson

David Hann
National Secretary

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