Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War
General Orders No. 5
Series 1996-1997
Alar R. Loomis, Commander-in-Chief
1310 Forest Park Avenue
Valparaiso, Indiana 46383-3329
(219) 464-1332

1. The 116th National Encampment of the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War will be held August 7-10, 1997 at the Radisson Hotel, 200 Genessee Street, Utica, New York 13502. The Joint Opening of the SUVCW and Auxiliary to SUVCW will take place at 4:00 P. M. on Thursday afternoon August 7th. All National Officers are requested to be present for the Joint Opening at that time. The pre-encampment meeting of the National Council of Administration will take place at 7:00 P. M. on Thursday night August 7 at 7:00 P. M. The first business session for the SUVCW will begin promptly at 9:00 A. M. Friday, August 8. I look forward to a large number of delegates being present and participating in this Encampment.

2. Officers Reports - National Encampment reports from Elected and Appointed Officers plus Standing and Special National Committee Chairs should be typewritten on 81\2" by 11" white paper and submitted to new National Secretary Dave Hann at 440 Clark Drive, Hammonton, New Jersey 08037-1011 no later than Thursday, July 31, 1997. His e mail address is and his telephone number is (609) 567-7432. Three (3) copies should be submitted. A period of five (5) minutes will be afforded each National Officer and Committee Chair to present his report on the floor of the Encampment. In addition to the 3 hard copies of the reports, it would also be appreciated if a floppy disk with the report could be sent to the National Secretary.

3. It is my sad duty to report the passing of Past National President of the Auxiliary to SUVCW Doris Schlenker, wife of PC-in-C Richard Schlenker. Doris had been suffering from an extended illness and I encourage all brothers to extend their sympathy to Brother Richard at this time. Please send your condolences to 4112 Heathfield Road, Rockville, Maryland 20853-2036.

4. Brothers are reminded and urged to send their donations to both the Senior Vice Commander-in-Chief's Fund and the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) Fund. Donations to the Senior Vice Commander-in-Chief's Fund are to be sent to Senior Vice Commander-in-Chief Richard D. Orr, 153 Connie Drive, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania 15214-1251. Donations to the Grand Army of the Republic Memorial Fund should be sent to Patriotic Instructor Edward Krieser 1354 Gilleevan Drive, Valparaiso, Indiana 46385-9069.

5. Department Encampments that I have attended since the publication of General Orders Number 4 includes the following: Department of Tennessee at Pickwick Landing State Park near Savanah, Tennessee April 9, 1997; Department of Maryland April 26th at Baltimore, Maryland; Department of Illinois in Heyworth, Illinois on May 3, 1997; Department of Missouri, Columbia, Missouri on May 10, 1997; Department of Indiana on June 7, 1997 in Kokomo, Indiana; Department of Ohio on June 14th and 15th in Alliance, Ohio; and the Department of Pennsylvania at Reading, Pennsylvania on June 27th and 28th. I also plan to attend the annual visitation by the Department of Michigan to the Michigan Veterans Home in Grand Rapids, Michigan on August 2, 1997.

6. I have been invited to attend and will bring greetings to the 102nd National Reunion of the Sons of Confederate Veterans on July 31st in Nashville, Tennessee. Commander-in- Chief Peter W. Orlebeke of the SCV has accepted my invitation to attend our National Encampment and will bring greetings on August 8th in Utica, New York.

7. I wish to thank all Department and Camps that sponsored functions I attended and to the Departments and Camps that I was unable to attend due to conflicts in my schedule. Knowing that I would be unable to attend all Department Encampments or other activities due to the sheer size of our growing organization, I would encourage each Department, Camp, and individual member to contribute what time and talents that you are able to for the "good of the order." I would especially like to thank Senior Vice Commander-in-Chief Richard Orr, PC-in-Cs Bud Atkinson, Clark Mellor, and Keith Harrison for representing me at Department Encampments and other functions that I was unable to attend. My apologies if I missed anyone. One very large thank you goes to Past C-in-C David Medert for his leadership in heading up the meeting of the Union and Confederate widows at Gettysburg on July 1, 1997. This turned out to be a big undertaking and Dave did a superb job of working out the details.

8. National Encampment Committee assignments will be made at a later date with the announcement of the Committee assignments early in the 116th National Encampment.

9. I would like to express my sincere gratitude to all Departments, Camps, and above all the individual members for their hard work and dedication during my term in this high office. During the course of the year the total membership has reached and exceeded 5,000 members which indicates that the team spirit being developed within the order is bearing fruit. I look forward to the ensuing years and this dedication continuing and eventually increasing the membership to 10,000 followed by 15,000 and then 20,000. I firmly believe that this is an attainable goal, perhaps beyond our grasp at the moment, but eventually attainable.

10. As this will be my last General Order for the year, I would like to thank all the elected and appointed National Officers as well as the Chairmen and members of the Standing and Special National Committees for their dedicated and productive work this year. As Commander-in-Chief, I have been very cognizant of the role each member of the Administration played in furthering the goals of the SUVCW. Without this vital team effort, none of the accomplishments made during my or any administration is attainable. It is my hope that each member of the administrative team will continue to work in some capacity for the fulfillment of the goals that have been set for the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War.

By Order of:
Alan R. Loomis

David F. Wallace
National Secretary

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