General Orders No. 5
SERIES 2004-2005
Stephen A. Michaels, Commander-in-Chief
6623 S. North Cape Road
Franklin, WI 53132-1227
Phone: (414) 425-4648

  1. Sincere thanks go to all Brothers, who actively observed Veterans Day this year. We owe so much to the more than 48 million Americans, who have served in our Armed Forces over the last 228 years. As we enjoy the holiday season, let us be mindful of the sacrifices being made by our Nation's military in harm's way.

  2. I am pleased to announce that our Council of Administration has voted unanimously to again waive the national per capita for any Brother serving in an active combat zone as of January 1, 2005.

    To request a waiver of national per capita, a Camp must indicate on a sheet of paper that names, rank and unit of each Brother being exempted. Please note that the Brother must be in an active combat area/zone to qualify for the exemption. For purposes of implementation, any Brother deployed in Iraq or Afghanistan shall be deemed to be in an active combat zone.

  3. All Departments and Camps are encouraged to likewise waive Department and Camp dues for these Brothers for the year 2005.

Ordered this 24th day of November 2004.

By Order of:
Stephen A. Michaels

Michael S. Bennett, PDC
National Secretary

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