Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War
General Orders No. 4
Series 1998-1999
Andrew M. Johnson, Commander-in-Chief
1200 South Monroe Street
Arlington, VA 22204-4219
703-892-4247 (e-mail)

1. My headquarters is established at 1200 South Monroe Street, Arlington, VA 22204 with telephone at (703) 892-4247 and email at Only official mail requiring the personal attention of the Commander-in-Chief (C-IN-C) should be addressed there.

2. This issue of the BANNER begins the new look approved by your Council of Administration in November 1998. We return to the popular magazine format and add a number of new features. I am indebted to our Publisher Senior Vice Commander-in-Chief, Danny Wheeler, for overseeing this transformation and to Editor Ken Richmond for undertaking a difficult task. Many Brothers will have suggestions. Please send them to Publisher Wheeler.

3. The Order provides your C-IN-C with the opportunity and means to award two scholarships each year to deserving youth. Each scholarship is awarded for tuition and books to high school seniors and college students contingent upon their enrollment at an accredited four year college or university prior to December 31, 1999. Application blanks are available from me at the address above. I have appointed a Scholarship Committee to assist me in evaluating the applications and choosing the winners. The application period closes on March 31, 1999. I expect and welcome a flood of letters, emails and phone calls requesting applications.

4. I have noted and others have reminded me that there is a large pool of qualified and enthusiastic brothers from which national officer and committee appointments should be made. We do not always know who they are, where they are, or for what tasks they are best qualified. The newly appointed National Aide for Personnel Selection, Frederic Cauldwell, will be charged with assembling a data bank of qualified and interested Brothers who wish to work at the national level of the SUVCW. If you are one of those or know one who should be considered, complete and mail the Personal Data form found in this issue of the BANNER to me. This will provide a pool of talent for selection this year and in future years. Please do it now.

5. Each Department Commander who has not already complied is asked to complete and send to the National Secretary his list of Camps within his Department including:

6. I call attention to the outstanding work of the Massachusetts Department in the recent and unfortunate loss of Past Commander-in-chief Clark W. Mellor. The department commander and members of the department prepared and executed fitting tributes to the late C-IN-C setting a high standard for other departments to follow under similar trying circumstances.

By Order of
Andrew M. Johnson

David Hann
National Secretary

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