Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War
General Orders No. 4
Series 1997-1998
Richard D. Orr, Commander-in-Chief
153 Connie Drive
Pittsburgh, PA 15214-1251
412-931-1173 (voice - home)
412-931-7720 (FAX)
412-578-8369 (voice - business) (e-mail)

1. Having full faither trust in the ability of the Department Commanders to determine the need for new camps within their departments and because of a need to streamline the Camp chartering process, in conformity with Article VI Section 1 of the Constitution and Article I Chapter I Section 1 of the Regulations, all Department Commanders are hereby authorized to organize camps within their jurisdiction when they have determined that a need exists and that the proposed camp will prosper.

2. In lieu of submitting Forms 23 and 23 to this office for approval, all Department Commanders are authorized to attach a copy of this blanket approval to the Form 23 and Form 23 in place of the Commander-in-Chief's approval. A notation should be entered on the Commander-in Chief's signature line to see the attached authorization.

3. Prior to the actual granting of a chrater and constituting a new camp, the need for an original signature of the Commander-in-Chief on Form 26 remains in place.

4. This authorization expires at midnight July 31, 1998.

5. Nothing in this General Order should be construed to alter the organizing process except the need to obtain prior approval before begining the process of organizing a new camp.

By Order of
Richard D. Orr

David Hann
National Secretary

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