Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War
General Orders No. 4
Series 1996-1997
Alar R. Loomis, Commander-in-Chief
1310 Forest Park Avenue
Valparaiso, Indiana 46383-3329
(219) 464-1332

1. I would like to announce the following changes in National Offices that have taken place recently. National Secretary David F. Wallace has resigned effective July 1, 1997 and was replace by the Council of Administration at its March 15th meeting by Department Commander David Hann, Department of New Jersey. Dave Wallace has done an excellent job as National Secretary since 1994 and has encountered increasing responsibilities at his place of business as well as Department Commander of the Department of Michigan. We wish him God's speed as he steps aside at the National level. The Council of Administration approved the appointment of George Powell of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania as National Membership at Large Coordinator to replace William Ward of Salt Lake City, Utah. James Hilton, Department of Ohio, recently resigned as National Site Committee Chairman and the Commander-in-Chief named James Lyons of the Department of Michigan as his replacement.

2. I would like it to be noted that I inadvertently omitted in General Orders No. 2 that I attended a dinner/reception for Helen Meyer, National President, Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War, 1861-1865 in Le Sueur, Minnesota on Sunday, October 20, 1996 and I also attended a camp meeting of Ben Harrison Camp # 356 in Indianapolis, Indiana on Sunday November 10, 1996.

3. On February 8th, 1997 I attended the annual President Abraham Lincoln Birthday Luncheon in Milwaukee, Wisconsin sponsored by the Allied Orders of the Department of Wisconsin. It was a pleasure to participate in this luncheon and renew old friendships with several members of the Allied Orders and to make new friends.

4. I participated with several members of the Department of Indiana, SUVCW, in the Lincoln Day Program at the Lincoln Boyhood National Memorial near Lincoln City, Indiana on Sunday, February 9, 1997. SUVCW members participated in the indoor part of the program by presenting the National and State of Indiana Colors and led in the Pledge of Allegiance. Following the indoor program, the SUVCW color guard led the assembly to the grave of President Lincoln's mother, Nancy Hanks Lincoln, for laying of wreaths and eulogy.

5. The Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D. C. was the setting of the Lincoln Birthday Ceremony which I and the National Presidents of the Allied Orders attended on February 12, 1997. The day before, February 11th, I attended a ceremony in Ford's Theater sponsored by the Military Order of the Loyal Legion. SUVCW and MOLLUS member Lowell Hammer, PC-in-C, read several of President Lincoln's poems which was followed by a tour of the theater and Peterson House.

6. I attended the 1st Annual Department Encampment, Department of Kansas in Wichita, Kansas on February 22, 1997. I was impressed with the enthusiasm shown at this first encampment and look forward to hearing more from the Department of Kansas.

7. I attended and presided at the Council of Administration meeting held in Columbus, Ohio on Saturday, March 15, 1997.

8. I would like to remind all brothers to contribute to the Senior Vice Commander-in- Chief's Fund as well as the GAR Memorial Fund. Both funds are essential components of our order in that the former is used to support our membership program and the later supports the various activities related to honoring and memorializing the Grand Army of the Republic. The SUVCW Contribution Form printed in the Banner may be used or xeroxed for use and can be sent with the contribution to the Senior Vice Commander-in- Chief Richard Orr, Patriotic Instructor Edward Krieser, or to the National Officer listed on the form. Checks for both funds, made out separately or as one check with directions for distribution, should be made out to the "National Organization - SUVCW."

9. Recent e mails I have received concerning members experiencing health problems are as follows: PC-in-C Clark Mellor recently under went surgery to implant a pacemaker and appears to be doing well. PC-in-C George Long had a series of tests that turned out to be negative and he also appears to be doing well. He is reported to have attended a recent camp meeting and is reported to be active and in good spirits.

I would like to pass on information I received from Kansas Department Commander Dean Speaks about George Schultz, Camp Commander of the MAL Camp in Omaha, Nebraska. George suffered a massive heart attack on January 27th followed by a stoke. He has been in the VA Medical Center since and was recently transferred to the Douglas County Hospital for further treatment and therapy. His will be there for about 2 months or so and I am sure that he would appreciate cards and letters sent to:

All Camps are requested to tend to the needs of members and their families that have suffered illness.

10. I would like to remind members but particularly all officers of the two publications that deal with job descriptions. These two publications are: "Job Descriptions for Camp and Department Officers SUVCW" and "Job Descriptions for National Organization Officers and Standing Committees SUVCW." They, along with the Constitution and Regulations of the Order, are indispensable to each officer fulfilling his duties as outlined in these publications. The National Quartermaster should be contacted concerning obtaining copies and their cost. Updated supplements to the C and R are also available from the National Quartermaster.

11. The National Park Service and Oliver Tilden Camp # 26, SUVCW will be conducting the annual commemoration of the birthday of General Ulysses S. Grant on 27 April at Grant's Tomb, 122nd Street and Riverside Drive in Manhattan, New York City. This year's ceremony has double significance since it is the 175th anniversary of his birth as well as the centennial of the tomb. I will be attending and will participate both in the parade and the ceremony which follows.

12. The Department of Illinois will host the 131st anniversary of Post # 1, Grand Army of the Republic near Decatur, Illinois on Sunday, April 13th. In addition, the Department is planning to conduct a ceremony at the grave of Dr. Benjamin F. Stephenson. in Petersburg, Illinois. Further details can by obtained by contacting Department Commander David Bailey, 1569 Marquette Ave., Naperville, Illinois (708) 983-1585.

13. I will represent the SUVCW at the Lincoln Tomb Ceremony in Springfield, Illinois on Tuesday, April 15th. The Military Order of the Loyal Legion co-sponsors this ceremony with the SUVCW and the National Presidents of the Allied Orders also participate. I would like to encourage all Brothers that have the opportunity to attend to make every effort to do so.

14 All member of the SUVCW are urged to attend and participate in Memorial Day Activities in order to fulfill your obligation to perpetuate the memory of the Grand Army of the Republic. We all have accepted to task of teaching patriotism, respect of our flag and country, and to honor those who have given their lives in order to protect and perpetuate our form of government. I believe we can do no less than to dedicate part of our time and effort to taking part in Memorial Day programs in our local communities.

15. Camps are reminded to render aid and comfort to the families of members that have passed away and to drape their Charters in respect for departed brothers.

16. Please note the information in this issue of the Banner concerning the National Encampment to be held in Utica, New York August 8 - 10, 1997. I would recommend that members plan on attending and make reservations at the Radisson Hotel at your earliest convenience.

17. I would like to announce that those that have submitted names of members for Certificates of Merit and/or National Aid status for membership recruitment and the certificates have not as yet been issued to send me a reminder. I am in the process of catching up in this area and I do not wish to miss anyone.

By Order of:
Alan R. Loomis

David F. Wallace
National Secretary

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