Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War
General Orders No. 4
Series 1995/1996
David R. Medert, Commander-in-Chief
16 Shawnee Drive
Chillicothe, Ohio 45601-1148

1. I am pleased to announce that our National Legal Staff which was created last fall to assist Camps and Departments, has been a great success. In General Order #3 I reported that five Brother attorneys had signed on. I am proud to announce that five additional Brothers have volunteered to work on the National Legal Staff They are as follows:

Brother Hugh A. Jones, Esq. Pennsylvania Brother Ron Turo, Esq. Pennsylvania Brother James M. Gal len, Esq. Missouri Brother Daniel H. Miller, Esq. Kentucky Brother Donald H. Shelf, Esq. Maryland

We would like to see an attorney from each Department sign on to assist the National Counselor. To be eligible one must be a member or associate in good standing in the SUVCW.

2. All Departments who desire to have the Commander-in-Chief attend their annual encampments or special events in their area are encouraged to submit their requests as soon as possible as conflicting dates are beginning to occur.

3.1 had the honor of attending the Camp Crapo winter meeting in Flint, Michigan on the 27th of January where I installed the newly elected Camp Officers. This is a very active Camp and many of its members hold positions at the National level.

During the month of January I also had the honor of installing newly elected Officers in five Camps in Ohio.

4. National Headquarters update: The Council of Administration in November voted to tentatively approve the site of Harrisburg as a National Headquarters for our Order pending a contract agreement with the Mayor of Harrisburg . This agreement to include square footage of office and storage areas, cost to the SUVCW for this space, terms of lease, etc. A reply has not been received as yet but everything looks very promising.

5. Camps and Departments are again reminded to submit the names of Brothers who deserve to be recognized for their work and dedication to the Order. The report should include the area of accomplishment.

The following Brothers have been appointed National Aides for recruitment and have been authorized to wear the national ribbon behind their membership badge.

John Pollard California 3 new members Alex Park New York 4 new members Danny Wheeler New York 3 new members Albert Orr Pennsylvania 3 new members Ellsworth Brown Massachusetts 4 new members Lawrence Corbert Massachusetts 4 new members Paul Huff Ohio 3 new members Jon Silvis Ohio 3 new members Kent Armstrong Michigan 3 new members

The following Brothers have been issued Certificates of Merit for recruiting:

William Neal Delaware 5 new members Marvin Scheihouse Delaware 19 new members

The following Certificates of Merit were also issued:

Billy J. Darnell Tennessee Camp Organization John A. Latschar Gettysburg Nat. Park Remembrance Day Gettysburg Park Staff Gettysburg, Pa. Remembrance Day Dean Lamphere Nat. MAL Cord Eefficiency in office Richard Greene Nat. Camp Org. Efficiency in office David Wallace National Sec Efficiency in office Cliff Dougal Colorado Assistance to SUVCW Kenneth Hershberger Maryland Efficiency in office William Neal Delaware Camp organization Marvin Schelhouse Delaware Camp organization

Additional Brothers working in Camp Organization will be recognized under a separate caption.

6. A request was made for Departments to appoint a member to serve as a regional Banner reporter. One state has complied to date. Indiana has appointed Michael P. Kline, Sr. Vice Commander for the Department of Indiana to serve their state. All Departments are encouraged to participate in this program.

7. I had the honor of presenting a new Camp charter for the General Alfred Torbert Camp #1862 in Wilmington, Delaware on February 4. Even thought there was 20 inches of snow on that date we had a great turnout. The charter was presented to Brother William Neal. They assure me this is just the beginning.

8. I attended the Lincoln Birthday events in Washington, D.C. on February 10-12 and had the high honor of sitting in the Lincoln pew at the New York Ave. Presbyterian Church where President Lincoln and family worshipped. The ceremonies at the Lincoln Memorial, although the weather was cold, was equally impressive

9. I would like to remind all Brothers and Compatriots of our Allied Orders of the Lincoln Tomb ceremonies to be held in Springfield, Ill on Monday April 15. While in Springfield take the time to visit the Woman's Relief Corps museum. The headquarters for the event will be at the Lincoln Plaza Hotel in Springfield

I also understand plans are being made for a 130th anniversary celebration of the founding of the GAR in Decatur, Ill on Sunday, the 14th. Information on this event is not available at this time.

10. The National Counselor requests that any Camps or Departments that become involved in legal actions or have the potential for same to send all the particulars to him as he may want to assign a member of the National Legal Staff to the case as an adviser.

11. All Brothers are asked to contribute to the Senior Vice Commander-in-Chief fund which is supervised by Alan Loomis, 1310 Forest Park Ave., Valparaiso, In 46383-3329 and to the GAR Memorial Fund which is supervised by the National Patriotic Instructor, David A. Turpin, 6510 Merle Hay Road, Johnson, IA 50l03

12 We have been making great progress in recruiting and name recognition through our Home Page on the internet. The Sr. Vice Commander of the Dept. of Pennsylvania is the Web Master and is ably assisted by members of our Order who are proficient in this field. I am informed that we are receiving about 1200 hits per month from persons wanting to know about the SUVCW. Through the internet and our magazine ads we have had over 700 requests since August for membership applications for the SUVCW.

13. All Brothers and Sisters are encouraged to take part in Memorial Day activities to represent our Orders and above all the memory of all who have served their country in time of war. We have all accepted the task of teaching others respect for our flag and to love and respect our great country for which many gave their lives.

14. There are many new Camps that have been organized in the various states thanks to the dedicated hard work of the Brothers of our Order. I am requesting that Camps be joined into Departments wherever possible. Departments can bring better representation and more chances for advancement for Brothers in these areas of the country.

15. The annual services at Grant's Tomb will be held again this year on Sunday, April 28 at 11:00AM at the National Monument on 122nd Street and Riverside Drive in Manhattan, New York. This event is sponsored by the Oliver Tilden Camp #26

16. I request that all Camp and Department charters be draped for 30 days in memory of our departed Brothers and in respect for their survivors.

By Order of
David R. Medert

David F. Wallace
National Secretary

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