Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War
General Orders No. 4
Series 1994-1995
Keith G. Harrison, Commander-in-Chief
4209 Santa Clara Drive
Holt, Mich. 48842-1868
(517) 694-9394 (Home)
(517) 335-6714 (Office)
(517) 694-0817 (Fax) (E-Mail)

1 . Thus far, I have traveled to Iowa, Maryland (actually Delaware) and New Hampshire for Department Encampments and I have a full schedule of additional Departments and special programs lined up. Each of the places which I have visited have been most enjoyable. Given my rather hectic schedule, I may not be able to get back to all the Departments with thank you letters. As a consequence, I wish to take this opportunity to personally thank the Departments which I have visited thus far and to thank in advance those which I will be visiting in the very near future. I would also like to personally thank Senior Vice Commander-in-Chief David Medert, Junior Vice Commander-in-Chief Alan Loomis, PC-in-C Elmer Atkinson, PC-in-C Clark Mellor, PC-in-C Richard Schlinker and Brothers Alan Peterson, Howard Streeter, Jim Dark, Daniel Lisarelli, Dave Wallace, Kent Armstrong, Richard Greene, Dean Lamphere, Gregory Hayes and Charles Funck for representing the National Organization at my request at functions where schedule conflicts prevented my attendance.

2. During this period I traveled to Springfield, Illinois for the annual death day program for Abraham Lincoln (130th anniversary), where I and the National Presidents of the other Allied Orders placed wreaths on behalf of our respective Orders. The weather was perfect for the outside program. In addition, I also traveled to Richmond, Virginia for a special 130th anniversary commemoration of the fall of Richmond. The program entitled, Blue Coats in a Gray City, was orchestrated by Brother Howard Bartholf (Department of Maryland) and was excellent. While I was in Richmond, I was fortunate enough to have time to visit the Museum of the Confederacy, Confederate White House and Virginia State Capitol. I would encourage anyone who gets the opportunity to see these. Time did not permit me, however, any opportunity to visit Hollywood Cemetery where many of the more notable Confederates are buried.

3. I am pleased to announce that during this period I have conferred a Certificate of Merit to the following individuals: Bradley McGowan (Department of Iowa) for almost single handily raising funds to restore DeMoines, Iowa Soldiers' and Sailors' Monument and Howard Bartholf (Department of Maryland) for his efforts in orchestrating the Blue Coats in a Gray City program. In addition, I am also pleased to state that I have conferred National Aide status sent a Certificate of Merit to the following Department of Massachusetts Brothers for their recruitment activities: Edward Parks (14 members), Edward Hayes (5 members), Alan Peterson (4 members) and Gilbert Bagley (3 members).

4. Based on discussions with National Historian Gary Gibson and Turner Publishing, response to the Order's History book by the membership has been exemplary. As a consequence, it has been recommended by Brother Gibson that the deadline be extended once more in order to ensure that everyone has an opportunity to participate. I am therefore extending the deadline for submission of biographical sketches to Turner Publishing until August 1, 1995.

5. The following Departments and Camps-at-Large are to be commended for submittal of their bylaws pursuant to General Orders #1 (Item #8) and #2 (Item #9), Series 1994-1995: Departments - California-Pacific, Indiana, Iowa, Maryland, Michigan, Ohio, Wisconsin and (proposed) Southwest; Camps-at-Large - General William T. Sherman Billy Yank Camp #65 and Fort Duffield Camp #1. These Department and Camp-at-Large bylaws either have been or are in the process of being reviewed for consistency with the Order's Constitution and Regulations by National Counselor, James Pahl.

The bylaws reviews were requested and are seen as necessary in order to ensure that the Departments and Camps-at-Large are keeping pace with the National Organization in terms of operational changes affecting how the Order functions and also to help reduce the number of unnecessary and often fraternally damaging misunderstandings and misconceptions which tend to surface each year within the Order. Outdated (in some cases by 10 to 20 years) bylaws only provide a disservice to our many new members who seek to learn and work within the Order. If we are going to move into the 21st century as an expanding and vibrant Order, it is important that the membership be afforded and encouraged to use the most accurate information available.

6. The following Departments and Camps-at-Large have not (as of 10 June 1995) submitted a copy of their bylaws pursuant to General Orders #I (Item # 8) and #2 (Item #9), Series 1994-1995:

Departments: Colorado and Wyoming, Connecticut, Illinois, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, and Vermont

Camps-at-Large Phelps Camp #66 and Lot Smith Camp #1

The National Counselor has been asked to look into the potential Constitution and Regulations ramifications of noncompliance with the two General Orders as they relate to seating and participation by the above listed Departments and Camps-at-Large at the upcoming 114th National Encampment. I strongly encourage all the above listed Departments and Camps-at-Large to submit a copy of their bylaws to the National Counselor (James B. Pahl, Esq., 445 W. Maple, Mason, Michigan 48854-1519) AS SOON AS POSSIBLE and avoid any possible embarrassment at the August 1995 National Encampment.

7. The 114th National Encampment will be held 10-13 August 1995 at the Radisson Hotel Columbus North, 4900 Sinclair Road, Columbus, Ohio. The Joint Opening of the Allied Orders will take place at 4:00 P.M. on Thursday afternoon (10 August). All National Officers are requested to be present for the Joint Opening. The pre-encampment meeting of the National Council of Administration will take place at 7:00 P.M. on Thursday night (10 August). The first business session for the SUVCW will begin at 9:00 A.M. on Friday (11 August). I look forward to seeing a large showing of delegates to this Encampment.

8. National Encampment reports from elected and appointed National Officers and Standing and Special National Committee Chairs should be typewritten on 8 1/2" by 11" white paper and submitted to National Secretary Dave Wallace (7017 Granada Lane, Flint, Michigan 48532) by no later than Friday, 4 August 1995. Three (3) copies should be submitted. A period of five (5) minutes will be afforded each National Officer and Committee Chair to present his report on the floor of the Encampment. In addition to the three paper copies of the report, it would also be appreciated if a disk with the report could be sent to the National Secretary.

9. The below listed Brothers are appointed to the following 114th National Encampment Committees:

Credentials: George L. Powell, Chair; Forrest F. Altland; and Richard A. Williams;
Resolutions: PC-in-C Elmer Atkinson, Chair, L. Dean Lamphere; and Andrew Johnson;
Ritual & Ceremonies: PC-in-C Richard Greenwalt, Chair; Kenneth Hershberger; and Rev. Richard Bradley Long;
Audit: PC-in-C Charles Corfman, Chair; J. Douglas Park and Robert Grim;
Officer Reports: PC-in-C Gordon Bury, Chair; Robert Carroon, and Peter Dixon; and
Constitution and Regulations: Richard Orr, Chair, PC-in-C Lowell Hammer, PC-in-C Allen Moore, PC-in-C Joseph Rippey and James Pahl.

10. As this will be my last General Order for the year, I wish to thank all the elected and appointed National Officers and the members of the Standing and Special National Committees for all their dedicated and productive work this year. The Order has grown dramatically both in numbers and organization because of your work. As I indicated at the beginning of my term as Commander-in-Chief, I have the best administrative team ever to be produced from the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War to date. To our sister Allied Order Presidents, Sisters Margaret Atkinson (Aux. to SUVCW), Ercelle Speaks (Ladies of the GAR), Ruth Funck (DUVCW) and Elsie Gould (Woman's Relief Corps), I have thoroughly enjoyed attending with you the various events and Department encampments. I trust and hope that your respective National Encampments will be both enjoyable and highly productive. Finally, it is my hope also that someday, all our Orders may once again come together at National Encampments.

11. Brothers are reminded and urged to send their donations to both the Senior Vice Commander-in-Chief’s and the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) Memorial Funds. Both funds are integral to the operation of our Order. Donations to the Senior Vice Commander-in-Chief’s Fund may be sent to Senior Vice Commander-in-Chief David Medert (16 Shawnee Drive, Chillicothe, Ohio 45601-1148). Donations to the GAR Memorial Fund may be sent to National Patriotic Instructor Danny Wheeler (501 Willow Ave., Ithaca, New York 14850). In both cases, checks should be made payable to the "National Organization - SUVCW." No donation is too small.

12. One of my goals this year has been to streamline, simplify and hopefully make more effective and efficient the workings of the Order. This has taken many forms throughout the year with the computerization of the Order being the most obvious. Other less noticeable efforts, however, have included a strong advocacy for the elimination and replacement of the Order's past dependency on "word of mouth" and "recollection" type of operation, with one which is more dependent on the use of the Order's Constitution and Regulations and the National, Department and Camp job descriptions. Concurrent with this effort has been the beginnings of an evolution within the Order from an organization operating mostly on the personalities of a select minority to a team-based organization operating more dependantly on the written word of the Constitution and Regulations and therefore better reflecting the will and desires of the majority of the membership as exemplified through the National Encampments. The evolution to which I speak has really only just begun and will not be fully realized by our Order for many years to come; however, the process has begun and cannot be reversed so long as we as an Order continue to elect and appoint qualified and interested Brothers to fill all positions at the Camp, Department and National levels, and so long as we remain cognizant of and actively work together in fraternity, charity and loyalty to fulfill all the responsibilities given to us by the Grand Army of the Republic.

By Order of-.
Keith G. Harrison

David F. Wallace
National Secretary

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