Sons of Union Veterans of The Civil War

Office of the Commander-in-Chief

David V.Medert, PDC

72 Limestone Blvd.

Chillicothe , OH 45601


SERIES 2008– 2009
10 December 2008

  1. As this issue of the Banner will be received after the holidays, I hope that all of you and your families had a blessed Christmas and safe New Year.  It is had to believe that 2008 has come and gone so quickly.  As we enter the New Year, we will be faced with many challenges, both economically and within the Order.  It is our duty as Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War to meet these challenges head on and to forge through them always remembering to assist others that are experiencing difficulty.  This was one of the principles on which our Order was founded and it is incumbent upon us to carry on those principles.

  2. I want to thank all the Brothers and Sisters of the Allied Orders who participated in the 52nd Annual Remembrance Day ceremonies.  It was a bitterly cold day with high winds and I know many of us had numb fingers and toes.  Yet participation in the parade and ceremonies were high again this year.  Following the parade, some of us joined our Confederate cousins at “The Wall” and participated with them in their ceremonies.  It has been expressed by them to once again join forces at the Wall for a joint ceremony.  Hopefully this will come to fruition.

  3. The Council Of Administration held a very productive meeting in Gettysburg, of which you will read further on in this issue.  I would like to take this opportunity to highlight some very important items that did arise and which may need further explanation.

  4. For many years, we have had problems with new members not receiving their copy of The Banner and when the Executive Director or National Secretary have been queried regarding new member information, have discovered either the address is wrong or the member is not listed.  The majority of the time the reason this occurs is the E.D. or Secretary has been unable to read the handwriting on the forms being submitted to them and enters the information as they are able to decipher them.  If a street address or zip code is entered incorrectly, that member will not receive their Banner.  Additionally, if a name is misspelled and you query a members status, more than likely they will not appear as members of the Order.  It was for this reason that I issued General Order #2 requiring all forms submitted to National be typed.  If Camp and Department Secretaries do not have access to a computer in their home, other members of the Camp/Department should be willing to lend a hand in submitting these forms.  It is acceptable to have “Assistant” secretaries at the Department and Camp levels to aid the secretary in the discharge of their duties and this would be one of them.  I do believe you will find that by complying with this General Order, members will begin receiving their Banners.

  5. Along those lines, the Program and Policy Committee and the National Webmaster are working diligently to develop an online tool which will be used to submit address changes of our members more rapidly.  This tool will not replace Form 30 but is to be used to give the Executive Director a “heads up” of an address change.  More information will be disseminated on this once it is completed.

  6. Many Camps and Departments have expressed concerns that the checks they have submitted to the National Quartermaster, Executive Director, and National Treasurer are taking too long to be deposited.  The National Treasurer investigated this concern and discovered that from the time the check is “written” to the time it is received by the National Treasurer and deposited is approximately 21 days which is an excepted time frame.  Therefore, prior to calling and requesting the status of your check, please verify that you have allowed ample time for checks to clear.

  7. If you are requesting a subscription to the Banner, please submit your requests and fees to the Executive Director not the National Treasurer.  He is the one that controls the mailing list and subscriptions.

  8. The National Officers are preparing to travel to the various Departments for their annual Encampments.  Please submit your invites, with itineraries and addresses where the Encampment will be held as far in advance as possible in order for the Brother attending to prepare.  Also, if you have an issue you wish us to address, please submit that concern early enough for us to investigate it properly.

  9. As I have stated on numerous occasions, one of the biggest challenges before us is to retain our members.  The Junior Vice Commander In Chief has reported a large increase in membership applications he has received through our National Website.  Many of you are setting up recruiting booths and presenting the Order to the public and your efforts are to be commended.  It is evident we are able to recruit new members, but what are we doing to retain new and existing members?    If you know of someone that intends are allowing their membership  to lapse, call or better yet, visit them and ask them what can we do to retain them as members.  Many times you will find that the reason a member elects to leave is because no one has contacted them.  Keep in mind, they are Brothers and we are here to make them welcome and to get them involved.   Not necessarily as officers of the Order but rather as a member of the Order.

  10. This year we are celebrating the birth of one of best presidents we have ever had.  I again encourage everyone to commemorate President Lincoln’s birthday during February.  Have an open dinner for the public to attend.  Request someone in the Camp to give a talk about President Lincoln.  Display artifacts at the dinner for the public to see, especially articles and photographs of what your Camp/Department is doing for the good of the Order.   This is an excellent recruiting opportunity.

  11. In closing, wish all of you a very successful year and look forward to meeting you during your Encampments.


Ordered this 10th Day of December, 2008.

David V. Medert
Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War



Donald Palmer
National Order, Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War

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