General Orders No. 4
SERIES 2005-2006
Donald E. Darby, Commander-in-Chief
1382 Western Ave.
Chillicothe, Ohio 45601
Phone: (740) 772-6081

  1. Brothers, we have done much over the years to record and collect the history of the Grand Army of the Republic, as is our purpose. We have however, not been as successful in recording the history of the Sons. Brother Gary Gibson published a book on the SUVCW a number of years ago, and Brother Bob Wolz has been kind enough to contribute some of the SUVCW history to THE BANNER over the past issues. While these items deal mainly with the National Organization, we need to account for the work of the Camps and Departments. Many of the "Old Guard" are slowly slipping from our ranks. Before they are gone we need to record their images and memories of the "good old days."
  2. Therefore it is ordered that each Camp begin writing the history of the Camp, to include photographs of the Camp Commanders, and other officers . These histories will then be forwarded to the Department, which will do the same for the Department level. Once completed the Camp and Department histories will be forwarded to National for inclusion into the National History.
  3. I realize this will not be an "overnight" project, but the sooner we get started the better. We are quickly approaching the 125 Anniversary and it would be great to report the progress of the project to the National Encampment in August 2006. As I or one of the National Officers attend your Encampment next Spring one of the first questions we will ask is "How is the history project doing?" What will your answer be?

Ordered this 6th Day of September 2005

By Order of:
Donald E. Darby

Michael S. Bennett, PDC
National Secretary

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