Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War
General Orders No. 3
Series 1999-2000
Danny L. Wheeler, Commander-in-Chief
501 Willow Ave
Ithaca, NY 14850
607-272-7314 (e-mail)

1. On behalf of the National Order, its officers and myself, may each Brother and his family have a happy and joyous New Year. May everyone have a prosperous, productive and fraternal New Year.

2. The 43rd Annual Remembrance Day activities were held in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, November 20, 1999. The event was well attended, and, with temperatures in the 60s, there were hundreds of people along the parade route. The Remembrance Day Committee is to be congratulated for a job well done. Also, thanks to the Gettysburg merchants for their contributions. Those contributions paid for the permit that made this parade possible.

3. Requests for G.A.R. Memorial Scholarship applications should be directed to this office. All applications received will be forwarded to the Scholarship Committee. Please keep in mind that we only award two scholarships and that they are awarded on scholastic merit.

4. Brothers are reminded to support the National Patriotic Instructor’s Fund, Senior Vice Commander-in-Chief’s Fund, National Headquarters Fund, and Permanent Fund.

5. On behalf of the National Order, condolences are extended to LGAR Past National President Barbara Tyler on the loss of her mother, Past National President Bonnie Weld, LGAR 1991-1992.

Sympathies are extended to all Brothers and Sisters who have lost a loved one, are ill, or are suffering in any manner.

6. The Meritorious Service Award with Gold Star was presented to Brother Richard Orr of the Department of Pennsylvania for his tireless efforts and overtime hours in helping to move our organization into the 21st century.

7. The Meritorious Service Award with Gold Star was presented to Brother Jerry Orton of the Department of New York for his tireless efforts in locating and keeping track of our Real Sons and Daughters, all now in their twilight years, just as was the Grand Army of the Republic.

8. The National Order is preparing all SUVCW forms to be available online for use by departments.

9. The National Order supports the Department of New Hampshire’s efforts in the formation of a legislative Civil War committee for the repair of that state’s monuments at Gettysburg and at other battlefields of the Civil War.

10. I am pleased to announce the addition of another volunteer to contribute to the work of our National legal staff. He is Ralph Jones, Esq., of New York.

In addition, Brother Jones will be serving as Executive Director of the newly formed G.A.R. Foundation.

11. Departments wishing to have the Commander-in-Chief attend their annual encampment or a special event in their area are encouraged to submit requests as soon as possible. Conflicting dates may occur if requests are not made well in advance.

12. The National Order is again working with the city of Harrisburg, Pa., to establish a SUVCW National Headquarters there in time for the June 2000 opening of the National Civil War Museum, to be located in Harrisburg.

We have been provided a detailed inventory of the six cannons in the possession of the museum. None were found to be missing or stolen cannons from cemeteries.

By Order of:
Danny L. Wheeler

David Hann
National Secretary

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