Sons of Union Veterans of The Civil War

Office of the Commander-in-Chief

Perley E. Mellor, Commander-in-Chief

16 Norma Drive

Nashua , NH 03062-1340


General Order #3

SERIES 2012-2013

4 September 2012


  1. Additional appointments are being made to the National staff.  The following appointments are effective immediately.

  2. Junior Vice Commander-in-Chief Tad D. Campbell is appointed to the Canadian Union Veterans Recognition Monument.  He will assist Brother Lamb and the others members of the committee in their endeavors.

  3. James P. McGuire, from the Department of Rhode Island is appointed as Backup National Webmaster with all the rights and privileges of National Webmaster.  PCinC Keith G. Harrison will remain as a Backup National Webmaster.

  4. PDC Michael S. Bennett from the Department of New York is re-appointed as chairman of the Special Committee on Juniors.  Brother Bennett held this position during the previous administrative year and has effectively made great strides in the right direction.

  5. PCC Daniel Meehan from the Department of New Hampshire is appointed to the National Committee on e-Bay Surveillance.

  6. PCinC James B. Pahl ( is re-appointed to the position as the reviewer for postings of bio/resume information of Brothers running for National Offices. These pages should include date, Department and Camp name, letter of intention, your eligibility for membership and a photo on the resume or bio page. It is suggested that submissions not exceed one page for each.


Ordered this 4th Day of September, 2012.

Perley E. Mellor.
Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War



Eugene Mortorff
National Order, Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War

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