A Congressionally chartered nonprofit corporation

General Orders No. 3

SERIES 2006-2007

James B. Pahl, Commander -in-Chief
Post Office Box 86
Mason, Michigan 48854
Phone: (517) 676-8403


1. Recent events have demonstrated that the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War and the Lincoln Death Day Association have different objectives and goals.

2. As a result, it has been determined the Order shall no longer assist the Association in their Lincoln Death Day ceremonies and shall withdraw all financial and other support.

3. Any permission for the Association to use our name, symbols, badges or other protected items is withdrawn. Any brother participating in future operations of the Association are doing so individually and not as a member of the Order.

4. Pursuant to National Regulations, Chapter III, Article IV, Section 6, brothers Robert Graham and Jo n Austin are hereby removed from the National Committee on Lincoln Tomb Observance.

5. Brother’s Nick Kaup and Ed Krieser , PCinC are hereby appointed to the National Committee on Lincoln Tomb Observance.

6. Pursuant to the job description of the National Committee on Lincoln Tomb Observance, the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War ceremonies to pay tribute to our 16 th President and remember his death, shall be held on Saturday, April 14, 2007.

7. As the observances began as and have traditionally continued as a cooperative effort between this Order and The Military Order of the Loyal Legion of the United States, efforts will be taken towards the formation of a joint committee, to continue these observances as it was always intended.

Ordered this 23 rd day of October, 2006

By Order of

James B. Pahl
Commander -in-Chief



Michael Bennett
National Secretary

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