Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War
General Orders No. 2
Series 1998-1999
Andrew M. Johnson, Commander-in-Chief
1200 South Monroe Street
Arlington, VA 22204-4219
703-892-4247 (e-mail)

1. It is with profound regret that I announce the death of Past Commander-in-Chief Eugene E. Russell on 9 November 1998.

2. PCinC Russell served with distinction as Commander-in-Chief in 1984 from the Massachusetts Department. After 93 years of service to the nation and this Order, PCinC Russell is buried in Malden, MA on 12 Nov 98.

3. I charge all Department commanders to drape department charters in his honor and to require that all camps do likewise for a period of 30 days from this date.

By Order of
Andrew M. Johnson

David Hann
National Secretary

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