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General Orders No. 2

SERIES 2006-2007

James B. Pahl, Commander -in-Chief
Post Office Box 86
Mason, Michigan 48854
Phone: (517) 676-8403


1. November 12, 1881, the Davis Camp #1, Sons of Veterans of Pennsylvania was formed at Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania by Brevet Major August Plummer Davis. Eleven boys were present at the meeting. These are the charter members of Davis Camp #1 Sons of Veterans of Pennsylvania (also the charter members of The Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War). Harry T. Rowley, Jo hn Sieferth, Walter Morris, Herbert A. Davis, Jo hn D. MacFarland, Henry Maxwell, E. W. Wilker, Ernest W. Lehman, A. P. Hays, George L. Moreland and William L. Feer. This being the 125 th anniversary of our great Order, the Commander -in-Chief calls upon all Departments and Camps to appropriately remember and commemorate this important date in our history.


2. A series of questions have arisen that have caused me to issue rulings to interpret our National Regulations. They are as follows:


A: A Camp Organizer need not be a brother of the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War. He should be one of the applicants who is joining with others to form a new Camp.


B. Old Camps that no longer exist cannot be brought back to life. The brothers so wishing may use the same Name and Camp number, subject to the approval of the Department Commander . But they need to proceed as if they are beginning a totally new Camp. If the old charter still exists in their possession, they may retain it for historical purposes. This old charter shall be photographed with enough resolution to see all of the details and be forwarded to the National Secretary for National’s records.


C. An applicant was relying upon the service of an ancestor, who originally served in Confederate forces. Some time later, he signed a loyalty oath and then served in Union forces. Is the applicant eligible for membership? Ruling: We will accept into our membership, a person whose Confederate service was involuntary, they left Confederate service just as soon as they could escape and come north. If the Confederate service was voluntary, even if they subsequently took the oath of loyalty and served the Union, descendants are not eligible to membership in the SUVCW through that ancestor.


3. As installation of Camp officers is to be completed by January 31 of each year, Form 22s are to be submitted by Camps to their Departments no later than February 15 th of each year, and that Departments must submit copies of these reports to National by February 28 th of each year, with exceptions permitted only by approval of the Council of Administration.

Ordered this 1st day of October, 2006

By Order of

James B. Pahl

Commander -in-Chief



Michael Bennett

National Secretary

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