General Orders No. 2
SERIES 2003-2004
Kent L. Armstrong, Commander-in-Chief
213 E. Madison Street / P.O. Box 618
DeWitt, MI 48820-0618
(517) 669-5765 = Voice
(517) 669-1865 = Fax

1. PCinC Robert E. Grim is hereby authorized to investigate, on behalf of our Order, the available services provided by various Professional Financial Advisors (and their fees). His report to the National Council of Administration will help evaluate the merits of our Order making investments, based on such advice (and fees).

2. PCinC Lowell V. Hammer and PDC Joseph Long, Jr. have respectfully requested to be relieved from the remainder of their respective appointments to the National Committees on Constitution and Regulations (C&R) and Program & Policy. With sincere appreciation for their years of dedicated service to our Order, at many levels of the organization, these requests have been respectfully granted. In place of these Brothers, Henry E. Shaw will serve on the C&R Committee until 2004 and PCinC Danny L. Wheeler will serve on the Program & Policy Committee until 2005. PDC Long is also to be commended for his generous gift of several back issues of The BANNER, for records keeping at our National Headquarters in Harrisburg, PA.

3. Our "C&R" directs the National Executive Director to "maintain a mailing list of the entire membership." To assure accurate records keeping, all Departments are hereby respectfully reminded to submit an updated Department Roster when filing the Department's Annual Report Form 35. [The database for our national membership list was created by Brother Dick Williams and he will be developing a standardized form for Department rosters.] After a Form 35 is filed (deadline of May 31 each year) the Executive Director will not make an addition to, nor deletion from the membership list without the appropriate documentation being received from a Department Secretary, via Form 30.

4. Per previous reference, only current versions of the SUVCW's various forms, reports and membership application will be accepted by the National Secretary or Executive Director. Outdated materials will have to be rejected and returned to the originating Camp or Department.

5. The 2003 National Encampment approved the creation of a new Special Committee, charged with the cataloging of original Civil War battleflags and promoting their professional conservation, wherever they are found. Our "National Committee on Civil War Flag Conservation" will be chaired by Jeffrey L. Stephen.

6. An additional Special Committee, approved by the 2003 National Encampment, is charged with raising and distributing money to help with litigation related to stopping the sale of Civil War Memorial items, or legal action for the return of such items that were already sold or stolen, when found. Our "National Committee on Civil War Heritage Defense Fund" will be co-chaired by PDC Charles E. Kuhn, Jr. and retired Judge Henry E. Shaw. Case information is to be sent to Brother Shaw, whose address is posted on the national officer roster, located on the Internet and in The BANNER. I have the honor of making the first $100 contribution to this fund and I invite you to consider supporting it as well. Please consult the Autumn 2003 issue of The BANNER for a special notice that includes information on how to make a tax deductible donation.

7. All Departments are respectfully instructed to furnish their full list of all Past Department Commanders and the years that they served in that office. This applies to living PDC's, in Good Standing, and those who are deceased. Send the information to PDC Gary Gibson, 2339 Harmon Ave., Kalamazoo, MI 49004-1527 ( The records are to be used in a special recognition being planned for our Order's 125th Anniversary celebration in 2006.

8. All Camps and Departments that would like to have their newsletter considered for award recognition by the CinC, are welcome to send issues to me at PO Box 618, DeWitt, MI, 48820.

9. During the 2002-2003 administrative year, CinC Robert E. Grim created a special award to honor the memory of PCinC Joseph S. Rippey, who passed away shortly before our 2002 National Encampment. Brother Rippey was elected to two terms as Commander-in-Chief of the SUVCW in 1963 and 1964. The PCinC Joseph S. Rippey Award recognizes a new Camp that is deemed to be most active in the areas of recruiting, Civil War veteran graves registration, and Civil War memorials assessment. Nominations and accomplishment descriptions of a Department's newly formed Camps are welcome from Department Commanders and/or Department Secretaries. Please send this information to my attention at the address above. Thank you.

10. It has come to my attention that two of our Members are celebrating very special birthdays this year. The fourth quarter of 2003 marks the 102nd birthday of Brother Clifton E. Gaunt and the 100th birthday of Brother (and 'Real Son') Edward Blakely. Brother Gaunt honors the memory of his grandfather, Alphonso D. Steere (who served with the 2nd Massachusetts Heavy Artillery), with membership in A. A. Sherman Camp 18, Department of Massachusetts. Brother Blakely honors the memory of his father, Egbert Blakely (who served in Company E of the 10th Michigan Cavalry), with membership in Gen. John A. Logan Camp 1, Department of Michigan. Please join me in wishing these centenarian Brothers a very Happy Birthday!

By Order of:
Kent L. Armstrong

Edward Krieser, PCinC
National Secretary

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