Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War
General Orders No. 1
Series 1999-2000
Danny L. Wheeler, Commander-in-Chief
501 Willow Ave
Ithaca, NY 14850
607-272-7314 (e-mail)

1. Having been elected and installed Commander-in-Chief by the assembled delegates at the 118th National Encampment at Indianapolis, Indiana on August 21, 1999, command is hereby assumed and headquarters established at the above address and all correspondence requiring the attention of the Commander-in-Chief should be sent to the above address.

2. All business correspondence should be sent to David Hann, National Secretary, PO Box 386, Hammonton, NJ 08037.

3. All supply requisitions with payment should be sent to: Elmer F. Atkinson, National Quartermaster, 1016 Gorman St., Philadelphia, PA 19116.

4. All bills and requests for payment should be sent to the Hon. James B. Pahl, National Treasurer, 445 W Maple St., Mason, MI 48854-1519.

5. All requests for Eagle Scout Certificates should be sent to William Mason, Eagle Scout Certificate Coordinator, 3235 Emmons Avenue Apt 109, Brooklyn, NY 11235-1140.

6. The confidence that my Brothers have shown in me is greatly appreciated. I express my thanks to those who supported me and especially to the Brothers of the New York Department. A special thanks also to the Department of Indiana for hosting the Encampment in the spirit of the Grand Army of the Republic's (GAR) last encampment 50 years ago. A special thank you to Brother Edward Krieser for his hard work and dedication to this event. Also, to the rest of the committee, a big thank you.

7. Our Order was founded on the principles of fraternity, charity, and loyalty. We, the blood relatives of the noble soldiers who wore the blue, we owe our ancestors to look to fraternity, show charity for the differences of others, and loyalty to our nation and to the SUVCW. Let us all, National, Camps, and Departments, always work in the direction of the good of the Order.

8. We need to continue all our efforts in the direction we worked hard in during PC-in-C Andrew Johnson's term of office. Graves registration marking, Civil War memorial registration and restoration, locating GAR and SUVCW records, and commemorative events and celebrating the deeds of the boy's in blue needs to be continued. We must continue to lead in a consolidated national search for memorials, monuments, graves, and GAR and SUVCW records. Let us move into the 21st Century knowing that at the end of the 20th Century we gave this a complete 100 percent effort.

9. We now have our online application form back on the Internet. As passed at the National Encampment, we have set for the first year of membership at $10 application fee and $25 dues. The National Order will enroll them into the Order and then send check and application on to department Junior Vice Commander. The department Junior Vice Commander will place the individual into the Department Membership-at-Large Camp or on to the nearest camp. This will make it easier for potential members who apply for membership via the Internet to join faster and more conveniently.

10. Only camps can retain members. Too many recruits are lost each year. Lets try to offer interesting and perhaps challenging programs. The camp that meets once a year cannot retain members.

11. My Commander-in-Chief's calendar is designed to best serve the Order. Please extend your invitations as early as possible to assist me in making my itinerary. I will attend as many Department Encampments and events as time and overlapping dates will permit.

12. The Remembrance Day Parade and Ceremonies at Gettysburg are designed as a means of remembering the GAR and paying homage to it members. Brothers are encouraged to attend this event on November 20, 1999.

13. All members of the Council of Administration are advised there will be a meeting of the Council at 8:00 A.M., Sunday, November 21, 1999.

14. I have a new award I would like to present to all departments with in the Order. A framed certificate will be presented to all those departments that install three camps into the Order in 1999-2000. Please help me reach my goal by presenting this certificate to all departments.

15. The Banner is your newsletter. We are striving to put it back on time and give you four issues; which is what all fellow Brothers deserve. Please also note that individual problems concerning the newsletter should be addressed to the publisher, Edward Krieser, 1354 Gilleevan Drive, Valparaiso, IN 46383-9069 or email

16. Information about the ill and bereaved should be brought to the attention of the National Secretary or myself. Please feel free to contact our National Chaplain, Reverend Dr. Robert G. Carroon, 23 Thompson Road, West Hartford, CT 06107. We need to give proper attention to the needs of these members or their family.

17. I have established three new special committees:

18. As we all know the Civil War soldier and GAR loved their music. It is and should be ours to protect and not lose throughout our history. I have appointed a National Aide Musician, Ivan Frantz Jr., 1126 Hanover Road, York, PA 17404-6218. Watch for his article in a future Banner.

19. Recruitment has always been #1 priority, and without a doubt it is the lifeblood of our Order. Not only do we grow in numbers but our financial base is increased as well. As in the past, each Brother who secures three new members will receive a ribbon for his badge. Those who recruit five new members will receive a certificate of merit.

20. On behalf of the Order. I would like to extend congratulations to all the new presidents of the four Allied Orders of the GAR: Auxiliary to Sons of Union Veterans Of the Civil War. Ladies of the GAR, Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War, and Woman's Relief Corp. We must work together at all times to reach our goals. We are and always will be Brothers and Sisters bound together in Fraternity, Charity, and Loyalty.

21. All percapta tax and other quarterly reports are to be forwarded to National Secretary on time.

22. We had at the 118th National Encampment an amendment to National Regulations. We instituted a new Article X under Chapter II; however, we did not provide a section number for the second item. In order to resolve this, under this Article, there will be a Section 1, Member-at-Large, and a Section 11 authorizing regional associations between departments.

23. The Graves Registration Committee has been assigned the task of locating all Union Veterans Graves. Brother Leo Kennedy and his committee are prepared to take all information you can send. Help the Order go over 100,000 before the 21st Century.

24. All Department Commanders of Departments through which the GAR Highway passes are to assure that Department GAR Highway Officers provide copies of information concerning the GAR Highway to the National GAR Highway Officer.

25. Brothers are reminded to support the National Patriotic Instructors Fund, Senior Vice Commander-in-Chief Fund, National Headquarters Fund, and Permanent Fund.

26. Appointments of non elected National Officers, Standing Committees, Special Committees, and National Aides have been made. All officers and committees may be found on our National Web Site (

27. This Order should never rest until Memorial Day is returned to May 30th. Please write letters to your legislators in your state. Let 's not give up. We need to return Memorial Day to the sacred day our forefathers meant it to be.

By Order of:
Danny L. Wheeler

David Hann
National Secretary

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