A Congressionally chartered nonprofit corporation


General Orders No. 1

SERIES 2006-2007

James B. Pahl, Commander-in-Chief

Post Office Box 86

Mason, Michigan 48854

Phone: (517) 676-8403


I am humbled, honored and appreciative in the vote of confidence placed in my meager abilities by my brothers. Having been elected and installed as Commander-in-Chief of this great Order by the delegates assembled at the 125 th annual National Encampment, held at Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on the 12 th day of August 2006, command is hereby assumed. On June 18, 1861, Ulysses S. Grant issued an Order to his new command, the 21 st Illinois Volunteer Infantry. As my initial communication to our Order, please allow me to paraphrase the General: In accepting this command, your Commander will require the cooperation of all the elected and appointed officers of this Order. He hopes to receive the hearty support of every brother. (From Cigars, Whiskey & Winning - Leadership Lessons from General Ulysses S. Grant).


National Headquarters is established at the National Civil War Museum, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania. All correspondence requiring the attention of the Commander-in-Chief shall be sent to Post Office Box 86, Mason, Michigan 48854. To receive the quickest possible response, I urge my brothers to use electronic communication whenever possible.


I am so thankful for the hard work of the Department of Pennsylvania for hosting the Encampment, the Credentials Committee for another outstanding job, and the National Site Committee for all their hard work this year. My thanks also extend to the brothers of the Department of Michigan.


As we look forward to the coming year, we must remember our legacy and commission from the Grand Army of the Republic, to keep green their sacrifices made to preserve our great Union. It is left to us, their descendants, to carry on - lest we forget. The theme of this administration will be for each of us to focus upon doing the work of the Order, rather than what we do all too often, trying to make the Order work. By doing the work of the Order, other descendants will be drawn to and join us. Each Camp is called upon to examine their capabilities and then develop a plan on how they can contribute. We can all do something.


On behalf of the brothers of this Order, it is my privilege to extend congratulations to the newly elected National Presidents of the Allied Orders of the GAR: the Auxiliary to the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War (ASUVCW); the Ladies of the Grand Army of the Republic (LGAR); the Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War 1861_1865 (DUVCW); and the Woman's Relief Corps (WRC). I look forward to working with the sisters of all the Allied Orders, to perpetuate the memory of the Grand Army of the Republic.


I cannot say the following any better than Past Commander-in-Chief Edward Krieser from his General Order #1; Fraternity, Charity, and Loyalty are not only the principles of our Order, they are the means by which our Order exists and will continue. We owe no less to our ancestors. At all levels, Camps, Departments and National must always work in the direction of the good of the Order.


The predominant document that guides this Order is our Constitution and Regulations. All officers and brothers are strongly encouraged to become familiar with the CAR. The Digest of the Order expands upon this document, with rulings of past Commanders-in-Chief. Both can be found on the Resource CD of the Order and on our web site.


Our Rituals and Ceremonies are our connection to the traditions of those who have gone before us. The use of our Rituals and Ceremonies helps provide a bridge to the experiences of the Grand Army of the Republic. The use of the Ritual is to be encouraged by all Camps and Departments of our Order.


Our membership badge helps identify us and to promote the brotherhood of the Order. All brothers are called upon to proudly wear their membership badge at all official functions of the Order.


The first official act of my administration was to approve and sign the charter application for the proposed William A. Kent Camp #83, Department of Michigan. This is the first of several Camp applications I hope to sign.


Several brothers of our Order have devoted themselves well above and beyond the call of duty in the performance of their duties, yet word of these efforts never reaches the National Organization. All Department Commanders are urged to forward reports of notable events and the names of worthy Brothers within their Department, so that the Commander-in-Chief can properly recognize their efforts.


Should any brother of this Order have in their possession any records or materials of the National Organization, please forward these items to our National Headquarters. Should any such materials come into your possession, please immediately notify the Commander-in-Chief. Any requests for original records of the National Organization must be in writing and approved by the Council of Administration. Should any brother of this Order have in his possession any records or materials of a Department or Camp, please notify the appropriate Commander.


The National Graves Registration Committee and the National Civil War Memorials Committee are well established and working toward the completion of their goals. All brothers of the Order are called upon to assist in these great efforts.


Our National Charter, being the command of the Congress of the United States of America, gives us this charge: “to assist in every practicable way in preserving, and making available for research, documents and records pertaining to the Grand Army of the Republic and its members.” The G.A.R. Post Records Committee is called upon to design a model for Departments to follow in locating, inventorying, copying where possible, and recording all the various GAR Post Records, at their various locations. This model must also address how we can assist the custodian of these various records, to preserve and protect them. All Departments are directed to appoint a GAR Post Records committee and using this model, work toward fulfilling this mandate.


The National Committee on Americanization and Education is called upon to reestablish the Sons Memorial University. As their first task, the committee is to develop a program for our Juniors, to earn appropriate awards for their studies into our heritage, history, patriotism and service. The committee is also called upon to establish a plan to expand upon the offerings, so that all brothers of the Order and others may someday benefit - even to earning post-secondary degrees.


Our National Chaplain is charged with developing a publication to assist our Department and Camp Chaplain’s in their work. Past National Chaplain William B. McAfee is requested to assist in this work.


Brothers are reminded to support the tax-deductible funds of our Order, the National Patriotic Instructor's Fund, Sr. Vice Commander-in-Chief's Fund, National Headquarters’ Fund and Permanent Fund. Contributions to our Departments and Camps are also fully tax deductible.


The Commander-in-Chief's calendar will be planned to best serve the Order. Please extend your invitations as early as possible to assist me in making up my itinerary. For those functions I am invited to but cannot attend, I will do everything I can to assure that an elected National Officer of the Order will be present to represent me. The National Chief of Staff shall coordinate this activity.


All Departments and Camps are encouraged to report their activities for publication in the Banner. All Brothers are encouraged to submit appropriate articles for publication in the Banner to the Editor.


All business correspondence shall be addressed to National Executive Director, Lee Walters, P.O. Box 1865, Harrisburg, PA 17105_1865, telephone (717) 232_7000, email to


All Camps are instructed to forward upon proper form, all reports and per capita to their Department Headquarters - on time. All Departments are instructed to forward upon proper form, all reports and per capita to National Headquarters - on time. It may be necessary to drop members and suspend Camps to complete this obligation. Our Camps and Departments must be firm in their obligations.


The National Council of Administration, in their meeting of August 13, 2006, directs every Camp in this Order shall file Form 22 with their Department no later than February 15 th of each year. Each Department of the Order shall forward copies of Form 22 for every Camp within their Department by February 28 th of each year.


All brothers, Camps, Departments and the National Organization shall use the latest edition of each form in the fulfillment of their various duties. Ideas to improve upon those forms are to be forwarded to the Senior Vice Commander-in-Chief.


All National Officers and Committees shall file reports of their activities for the coming year, one in time for the November Council of Administration meeting, one for review by the Commander in Chief by February 1, 2007, one in time for the Spring Council of Administration meeting and a final report for the 126 th National Encampment. All Department Commander’s shall file a report of activities occurring within their respective Departments upon the same schedule.


All supply requisitions upon proper form with payment, shall be sent to National Quartermaster Danny L. Wheeler, PCinC, 501 Willow Avenue, Ithaca, NY 14850_3554, telephone (607) 272_7314, email to


All bills, requests for payment and donations shall be sent to National Treasurer Max L. Newman, 4995 E. Wilkinson Road, Owosso, MI 48867_9616, telephone: (989) 743_3525, email to


All requests for Eagle Scout Certificates shall be sent to Robert M. Petrovic, Eagle Scout Certificate Coordinator, 6519 Cherokee Lane, Cedar Hill, MO 63016_2527, telephone (636) 274_4567, email to


All Civil War Memorials grant requests shall be sent to the senior elected member of our National Council of Administration.


All purchase requests for the SUVCW ROTC award shall be sent upon proper form, with payment, to the National Quartermaster, Danny L. Wheeler, PCinC, 501 Willow Avenue, Ithica, NY, 14850-3554, telephone (607) 272-7314, email to Please note the change in price, $5.00 including shipping and handling.


The deaths of Brothers are to be reported to our National Chaplain, Jerry W. Kowalski, 206 E. Grantley, Elmhurst, IL 60126 ( Please include the departed Brother's full name; date of his passing; name of his Camp and Department; name, rank and unit in which his ancestor served.


All commanders of Departments through which the GAR Highway passes are asked to assure that the Department GAR Highway Officer communicates with the National GAR Highway Officer, providing copies of information concerning the Highway and its condition. The GAR Highway is a National Monument, which needs our constant oversight to assure that it continues to be adequately marked.


A roster of all elected and appointed National Officers and Committee members for the 2006_2007 administrative year will be completed shortly and will be found on the National Website:


Remembrance Day ceremonies will take place in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania on Saturday, November 18 th, with services at the GAR monument of Albert Woolson at 11:00 am, followed by the parade, beginning at 1:00pm. All members of the National Council of Administration are advised that we will meet at 8:00 a.m. on Sunday, November 19, 2006 in the Eisenhower Inn, just south of Gettysburg.


Camps and Departments shall ensure that appropriate activities are carried out in accordance with the wishes of the Grand Army of the Republic. Let us be sure that their actions and sacrifices are "kept ever green in our memory."


Start making plans to attend the 126th National Encampment in St. Louis, Missouri.


To all the elected and appointed officers, committees and brothers at all levels within our Order, I extend my best wishes for a productive year. With the assistance and guidance of the Divine Providence, we will succeed.


Ordered this 12th day of August 2006


By Order of

James B. Pahl




Michael Bennett

National Secretary


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