Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War
General Orders No. 1
Series 2001 - 2002
George L. Powell, Commander-in-Chief
6114 Gillespie St.
Philadelphia, PA 19135-3611
Telephone: 215-338-7558

1. Having been elected and installed Commander-in-Chief by the assembled delegates at the 120th National Encampment at Springfield, Missouri on August 11, 2001, command is hereby assumed and headquarters established at the above address and all correspondence requiring the attention of the Commander-in-Chief should be sent to this address.

2. Until a new Executive Director is appointed all business correspondence is to be sent to the National Secretary, Edward J. Krieser, PCinC, 1354 Gilleevan Dr., Valparaiso, IN 46385-9069.

3. All supply requisitions with payment are to be sent to: Elmer F. Atkinson, PCinC, National Quartermaster, 1016 Gorman St., Philadelphia, PA 19116.

4. All bills and requests for payment are to be sent to the National Treasurer, Max Newman, 4995 E. Wilkinson Rd., Owosso, MI 48867-9616.

5. All requests for Eagle Scout Certificates should be sent to the Eagle Scout Certificate Coordinator, Robert Petrovic, PDC, 4729 Mehl Ave., St. Louis, MO 63129-1626l.

6. My sincerest thanks to all my Brothers who have shown their confidence in me by my election. I believe that I have assembled an excellent team for the upcoming year and can assure we will all work hard to warrant that confidence. I would also thank the Department of Missouri and the committee there for all their efforts to see that we had a productive and enjoyable National Encampment.

7. The Constitution and Regulations of our Order are the rules by which we operate. All officers, whether National, Department or Camp, should obtain a copy and become familiar with it's contents. Most of the disputes within our Order are due to Brothers acting contrary to the tenants of the C&R. All Brothers are invited to obtain a copy from the National Quartermaster or to download a copy from our web site.

8. We will continue our efforts in graves registration and grave marking, Civil War memorial registration and restoration, locating G.A.R. and SUVCW records, commemorative events and celebrating the deeds of the Boys in Blue. Two new projects for this year will be an expanded effort by the G.A.R. Post Records Committee to catalog the location of the various G.A.R. Post records to aid in research. This must NOT be considered an attempt to take possession of these records. We can not do that. All we want is to be able to do is compile a list of the record locations so that we can direct inquiries to the proper place. We must also put a stop to the despicable practice of selling of grave markers that have been removed from the final resting place of those who fought to save the Union. To this end in addition to the excellent work of the Online Auction Monitoring Committee (formerly the eBay Watchdog Committee), the Legislation Committee has been charged with producing a list of those states that have existing laws that prohibit such sales and working with those states that do not have protective laws so that they can have similar laws passed in those states. Your assistance in this undertaking will be greatly appreciated, by us the living and also by those whom we are here to protect.

9. As we move forward into the 21 century we must make use of the technology available to us to make our Order grow. While we will not base our growth solely on the computer and the Internet we will continue to use this new technology as the first source of the information for our Order. The Banner, all General Orders, Quarterly report forms, etc. will be found on our web site first before other forms of distribution. Our National Website contains so much information we could not read it all in one day. Not only can non-members find out about and secure an application for membership online, but also our membership can get needed information, forms, graphics, the C&R and proceedings of several past National Encampments. The unlimited possibilities offered by the Internet are there for our use. I intend to use them.

10. While we take advantage of the newer technologies we can not forget our past. Our Rituals and Ceremonies are our connection to those who have gone before us. The use of our Rituals and Ceremonies, while not required, is to be encouraged. All camps and departments are requested to use them whenever possible.

11. It is now specified in the C&R that quarterly reports must be properly and timely submitted for camps to be in good standing with departments and for the departments to be in good standing with the National Organization. The report of election and installation of officers is part of the quarterly reports. We have a great deal of information contained in the National Membership Data Base. It is NOT just a big mailing list for the Banner. This information needs to be kept up to date. It is NOT the responsibility of the National Organization to assure the validity of this data. That is the responsibility of the Camp and Department Secretaries. If a Brother moves or changes his phone number, if your Camp moves or changes it's meeting place or time that information needs to be submitted on the appropriate Quarterly report.

12. It is my intention to visit with as many Brothers as possible during the upcoming year. Please extend your invitations for your encampments, meetings and ceremonies as early as possible to assist me in making my itinerary. Please do not wait until all arrangements have been finalized before sending your invitation. The sooner I learn of an event the easier it is for me to add it to my schedule.

13. The Remembrance Day Parade and Ceremonies at Gettysburg are designed as a means of remembering the G.A.R. and paying homage to it members. Brothers are encouraged to attend this event on November 17, 2001.

14. All members of the Council of Administration are advised there will be a meeting of the Council at 8:00 A.M., Sunday, November 18, 2001.

15. Information about the ill and bereaved should be brought to the attention of the myself, the National Secretary, and the National Chaplain, Reverend Richard Partington, 1661 Aran Way, Dresher, PA. 19025-1239. We need to give proper attention to the needs of these members or their family. By contacting all three you are assured to get the information we need to the correct person.

16. On behalf of the Order, I would like to extend congratulations to the new National Presidents of the Allied Orders of the G.A.R.; the Auxiliary to Sons of Union Veterans Of the Civil War, the Ladies of the Grand Army of the Republic, the Daughters of Union Veterans of the Civil War 1861-1865, and the Woman's Relief Corps. Please feel free to contact me if I can be of any assistance. We are and always will be Brothers and Sisters bound together in Fraternity, Charity, and Loyalty.

17. All per capita tax and other quarterly reports are to be forwarded to National Secretary on time.

18. Appointments of most non-elected National Officers, Standing Committees, Special Committees, and National Aides have been made. Those officers and committees may be found on our National Web Site (

19. This Order should never rest until Memorial Day is returned to May 30th. Please write letters to your legislators in your state. Let's not give up. We need to return Memorial Day to the day set aside by our forefathers for the purpose they meant it to be.

20. All Departments who have not already done so this year are to send current rosters to the Membership List Coordinator.

By Order of:
George L. Powell

Edward Krieser, PCinC
National Secretary

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