Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War - Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) Records Program - INTERNATIONAL Corrections? Additions? Click here! 10/20/22
Post No. Alt. No. Post Name City State / Province Country Repository Location Collection Name Description of Item(s) Medium/Condition Informant Date Dept. Source
077   Joseph Bernard Coaticook Quebec Canada               NH PA3, DE1
077   William Winer Cooke Hamilton Ontario Canada                 PA3
652   Hannibal Hamlin London (ON) Ontario Canada Western University 1151 Richmond Street, London, Ontario, Canada, N6A 3K7; phone 519-661-2111; website       Joseph O'Niel, O'Neil Funeral Home, 350 William St., London, ON N6B 3C7 Dec-2010 NY TD
073 105 GEN Hancock Montreal Quebec Canada               VT VT1, DE1
117   Quebec Quebec Quebec Canada               VT VT1
472   William W. Cooke Hamilton Ontario Canada               NY AS, DE1
532   J. S. Knowlton Toronto Ontario Canada               NY PA3
592   Manitoba Winnepeg Manitoba Canada               PA PA3
100   E. O. C. Ord Mexico City   Mexico               TN TN1
634   Abraham Lincoln Lima   Peru               PA PA1
Sources (for Post name, number, and location data only):
PA3 = David Klinepeter, Hartranft Camp #15, SUVCW Dept. of Pennsylvania, 2000
VT1 = George G. Kane, Chicopee, MA, 2000
TN1 = Frank Harned, PCC, Sr Vice Commander, Dept. of Tennessee, 2000
PA1 = Roger Heiple, SUVCW Dept. of Michigan, 2000
TD = Todd Shillington
AS = Albert Scouten
DE1 = Dean A. Enderlin, SUVCW National GAR Records Officer, 2013-2017
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