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Post No. Alt. No. Post Name City Parish Repository Location Collection Name Description of Item(s) Medium/Condition Informant Date Dept. Source
000   (Department) N/A N/A               LA/MS N/A
001   Joseph A. Mower New Orleans Orleans Tulane University Howard-Tilton Memorial Library, 7001 Freret St., New Orleans, LA 70118; phone 504-865-5605; email; website LaRC/Manuscripts Collection 227. Joseph A. Mower Post No. 1 records, 1875-1922 Box 1: Folder 1: Applications for membership A-B; Folder 2: Applications C; Folder 3: Applications D-F; Folder 4: Applications G; Folder 5: Applications H-K; Folder 6: Applications L; Folder 7: Applications M; Folder 8: Applications N-P; Folder 9: Applications R; Folder 10: Applications S; Folder 11: Applications T-Y; Folder 12: Correspondence, 1881-1886; Folder 13: Correspondence, 1888-1901; Folder 14: Correspondence, 1906-1913, undated; Folder 15: Muster rolls, 1875-1879; Folder 16: Muster rolls, 1884-1899; Folder 17: Muster rolls, 1900-1908; Folder 18: Muster rolls, 1909-1914; Folder 19: Receipts, 1883-1894; Folder 20: Receipts, 1897-1898; Folder 21: Receipts, 1901; Folder 22: Receipts, 1902; Folder 23: Receipts, 1903-1904; Folder 24: Receipts, 1908-1909; Folder 25: Receipts, 1910-1913; Folder 26: Receipts, 1917-1918; Folder 27: Receipts, 1919-1920; Folder 28: Quartermaster reports, 1921-1922; Folder 29: Court martial, 1890-1891. Original unbound manuscripts. 1 box. Dean Enderlin, SUVCW Mar-2013 LA/MS JH1, DE1
001   Joseph A. Mower New Orleans Orleans Louisiana State University LSU Libraries, Baton Rouge, LA; phone (help desk) 225-578-3375; email; website Special Collections MS1357 Subgroup 2, Series I:  Records, 1879-1923: These records consist of correspondence, resolutions, quartermasters' reports, orders, and proceedings of the annual encampment of the Department of Louisiana and Mississippi and Department of Virginia. Also included is a photograph of an Union soldier amputee (undated). Administrative records contain two officers lists (1919, 1922) for the Joseph A. Mower Post No. 1, and an application for membership (undated). Among the printed items are manuals, rules and regulations, and bylaws of the GAR. Included among these records is a reunion badge for the A. M. Taylor Post No. 153 (undated).  Subrgroup 2, Series II. Manuscript volumes, 1872-1923, undated: Volumes include a letter book of the Jos. A. Mower Post No. 1 (1884-1889), minutes of this post, with some drafts of resolutions, a muster roll of the Dept. of the Gulf, Jos. A. Mower Post No. 1, a roster of the Dept. of Louisiana that includes some notes and addresses of the members of the Jos. A. Mower Post No. 1, Dept. of Louisiana, and orders from the department headquarters. Also in this series are scrapbooks containing correspondence, circulars, orders, and an index to the proceedings of 1882. Two volumes include information on the service records, residences, and occupations of members. A photograph of J. R. McConnell (undated) is pasted to the inside cover of volume 17 of this subgroup.  An online finding aid is available. Orginal manuscripts and bound volumes.  Series I, 0.5 linear feet.  Series II, 2.0 linear feet. Judy Riffel (Prof. Genealogist) Dec-2014 LA/MS JH1, DE1
002   Harney Baton Rouge Baton               LA/MS JH1
003   T. O. Howe New Orleans Orleans               LA/MS JH1
003   Cyrus Hamlin Baton Rouge Baton               LA/MS DE1
004   Abraham Lincoln New Orleans Orleans               LA/MS JH1
005   Custer New Orleans Orleans               LA/MS JH1
006   Jennings Jennings Jefferson Davis               LA/MS JH1
007   Robert G. Shaw New Orleans Orleans               LA/MS JH1
008   John A. Logan Hammond Tangipahoa               LA/MS JH1
009   Andre Caillaux New Orleans Orleans               LA/MS JH1, DE1
010   C. J. Bassett New Orleans Orleans               LA/MS JH1, DE1
011   U. S. Grant New Orleans Orleans               LA/MS JH1, DE1
012   John H. Crowder New Orleans Orleans               LA/MS JH1, DE1
013   Phil H. Sheridan Algiers Orleans               LA/MS JH1, DE1
014   Oscar Orillion New Orleans Orleans               LA/MS JH1, DE1
015   Ellsworth New Orleans Orleans               LA/MS JH1
018   Robert G. Shaw New Orleans Orleans               LA/MS DE1
019   James A. Garfield Shreveport Caddo               LA/MS LOC
020   Martin R. Delaney St. Bernard Parish St. Bernard               LA/MS DE1
021   Farragut Carrollton Orleans               LA/MS DE1
023   Parson Brownlow Vidalia Concordia               LA/MS DE1
026   O. P. Morton Morgan City St. Martin               LA/MS DE1
027   Custer Port Hudson East Baton Rouge               LA/MS DE1
029   GEN Steele Jesuit Bend Plaquemines               LA/MS DE1
031   R. B. Hayes Waterproof Tensas               LA/MS DE1
034   Lake Providence Lake Providence East Carroll                 DE1
035   GEN Phelps Lafayette Lafayette               LA/MS DE1
036   Jefferson Gretna Jefferson               LA/MS DE1
037   GEN Canby Houma Terrebonne               LA/MS DE1
039   Fairchild Bayou Goula Iberville               LA/MS DE1
040   William McKinley Port Allen West Baton Rouge               LA/MS DE1
041   Plaquemine Plaquemine Iberville               LA/MS DE1
043   R. B. Beck Omega Madison                 DE1
048   Henry Wilson Alexandria Rapides               LA/MS DE1
049   G. H. Thomas Donaldsonville Ascension               LA/MS DE1
051   B. F. Butler Boutte St. Charles               LA/MS DE1
052   U. B. Pearsall St. Martinsville St. Martin               LA/MS DE1
053   Charles E. Sherman Franklin St. Mary               LA/MS DE1
054   O. J. Dunn New Orleans Orleans                 DE1
056   Shaw Iberia Iberia               LA/MS DE1
060   Livingston Livingston Livingston               LA/MS DE1
Sources (for Post name, number, and location data only):
JH1 = Jeff Henningfield, SUVCW Gov Isaac Stevens Camp-at-Large #1; GAR Post Project Chair, 2000
LOC = Library of Congress, 2011
DE1 = Dean Enderlin, SUVCW National GAR Records Officer, 2011 (based on LA Secretry of State Report, May 1902)
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