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Post No. Alt. No. Post Name City County Repository Location Collection Name Description of Item(s) Medium/Condition Informant Date Dept. Source
000   (Department) N/A N/A The Filson Historical Society The Filson Library; 1310 S. Third Street, Louisville, KY 40208; phone (502) 635-5083; email; website Special Collection Call No. BC G751 Correspondence, bills, receipts, ledgers, minute books, letter books, and scrapbooks from the various committees that organized the 1895 Encampment of the Grand Army of the Republic in Louisville. The encampment was held in September, 1895 and attracted over 100,000 veterans and their families.  Original bound volume and manuscripts, 11 cubic ft. Dean Enderlin, SUVCW Jul-2012 KY N/A
001 194 William Nelson Newport Campbell       The Post originally held a deed to a GAR plot in Evergreen Cemetery.  Title to the plot was transferred to CPT A. M. Wetherill Camp, United Spanish War Veterans, based in Newport, about 1932.       KY JH1
002 195 James A. Garfield Covington Kenton               KY JH1
003   GEN James S. Jackson Owensboro Daviess               KY JH1, DE1
004   Preston Morton Hartford Ohio               KY JH1
005   A. G. Wileman Falmouth Pendleton               KY JH1, DE1
006   McPherson                   KY DE1
006   George H. Thomas Louisville Jefferson               KY JH1
007   CPT C. H. Martin Greenville Muhlenberg               KY JH1
007   Augustus Beyland Beattyville Lee               KY DE1
008   J. Wess Gosnell Leitchfield Grayson               KY JH1, DE1
009   Croxton Fearis Lewis               KY JH1
010 198 A. Lincoln Owensboro Daviess               KY JH1
010   L. H. Rouseau Louisville Jefferson               KY KY1
011   R. T. Whittinghill Fordsville Ohio               KY JH1, DE1
012 013 Warner Louisville Jefferson               IL, KY JH1
013   Joseph Heiser Maysville Mason               KY JH1
014   McPherson Ashland Boyd               KY JH1
014   W. H. Hays Polin Washington               KY KY1
015   Robert Anderson Danville Boyle               KY JH1
015   Thomas Jackson Carlisle Nicholas               KY KY1
016   Joe Hooker Dayton Campbell               KY JH1
017   Joseph N. Paxton Greenville Muhlenberg               KY DE1
017   Maxwell Cattletsburg McLean               KY KY1
017   Rousseau Vanceburg Lewis               KY JH1, DE1
017   Sacramento Sacramento McLean               KY JH1
018   C. B. Tate Scottsville Allen               KY JH1
018   O. P. Johnson Round Hill Butler               KY KY1
019   Murray Cloverport / Hardinsburg Hancock               KY JH1
020   C. A. Zachary Somerset Pulaski               KY JH1
021   Hays-Watkins Lebanon Marion               KY JH1, DE1
022   Hamrick Burtonville Lewis               KY JH1
023   CPT John V. Boyd Crofton Christian               KY JH1, DE1
024   A. Beyland Beattyville Lee               KY JH1
024   Bloom Tender Drip Rock Jackson               KY KY1
025   G. A. Custer Elizabethtown Hardin Kentucky Museum Library Special Collections Western Kentucky University, 1906 College Heights Blvd. #11092, Bowling Green, KY 42101-1092; phone 270-745-5083; email spcol@wku.ed; website Cat. No. 1970.19.8 (scanned and available for viewing online) The Museum notes the following:  "Cabinet card image of Elizabethtown, KY's GAR (Grand Army of the Republic); one of the men is a Mr. Bennett who married Jane Young, the daughter of Joseph and Elizabeth Wilson Young. Please help identify the persons in this photograph, send information using the feedback button or by calling 270-745-5083."  The image can be viewed at Cabinet card, original, 6-1/2" x 7-1/2" Brenda Neill May-2017 KY JH1
026   H. Eifert Greenup Greenup               KY JH1
026   LT Severance Crab Orchard Lincoln               KY KY1
027   Perry Campbell Caneyville / Spring Lick Grayson               KY JH1
028   E. P. Mavity Petersville Lewis               KY JH1
029   Al Henry Princeton Caldwell               KY KY1
029   R. Armstead Catlettsburg Boyd               KY JH1
030   W. T. Bryant Flippin Monroe               KY JH1
031   Crittenden Marion Crittenden               KY JH1
032   GEN Freemont Midway Woodford               KY KY1
032   J. H. Grider Bowling Green Warren               KY JH1
033   A. G. Bacon Frankfort Franklin               KY JH1
034   G. M. Vandover Tompkinsville Monroe               KY JH1
035   Jerott Henderson Millerstown / Wheeler's Mill Grayson               KY JH1, DE1
036   Hegan Wesleyville Carter               KY JH1
036   Thomas Clark Hustonville Lincoln               KY DE1
036   J. H. Southgate Falmouth Pendleton               KY KY1
037   David Good Madisonville Hopkins               KY JH1
038   GEN Reynolds Ludlow Kenton               KY JH1
038   GEN Reynolds West Covington                 KY JH1, DE1
039   MAJ Harris Augusta Bracken               KY JH1
040   C. L. White Hopkinsville Christian               KY JH1
040   William Goodman Harrildsville Butler               KY KY1
041   Henry Palmer Grange City / Ringo's Mills Fleming               KY JH1
042   J. J. Mann Harrodsburg Mercer               KY JH1
042   Wickliff Cooper Cloverport Breckinridge               KY DE1
043   William Blackburn Covington Kenton               KY JH1
044   G. W. Monroe Frankfort Franklin               KY JH1
045   L. Bacon Hopkinsville Christian               KY JH1
045   Rice Dawson Springs Hopkins               KY KY1
046   John H. Holloway Hendersonville Henderson               KY JH1
047   Curran Pope Shelbyville Shelby               KY JH1
048   B. Smith Somerset Pulaski               KY KY1
048   Beloile & Palmer Springfield Washington               KY JH1
049   George P. Jouett Mt. Eden Shelby               KY JH1
050   GEN Anderson Providence Webster               KY KY1
050   Nelson Boggs Webbville Lawrence               KY JH1
051   A. C. Wells Jamestown Russell               KY JH1
052   H. H. Scoville London Laurel       [See Col. Coffey Post, No. 133 for more information]       KY JH1
053   Levi Pennington Annville Jackson               KY JH1
054   E. L. Dudley Lexington Fayette               KY JH1
055   John A. Logan Junction City Bolye               KY JH1
055   T. J. Kinnaird Bowling Green Warren               KY KY1
056   Lincoln Hodgensville Larue               KY JH1
057   George W. Gallup Geigersville Boyd               KY JH1
058   U. S. Grant Olive Hill Carter               KY JH1
058   W. J. Landram Stanford Lincoln               KY DE1
059   Grant Paducah McCracken               KY JH1
060   U. P. Hodges Munfordville / Priceville Hart               KY JH1
061   Charles Sumner Lexington Fayette               KY JH1
062   L. H. Rosseau Stanford Carlisle               KY JH1
063   George W. Cabble Kidd's Store / Liberty Casey               KY KY1, DE1
063   Seth Parker Tollesboro Lewis               KY JH1
064   James Durrell Central City Muhlenberg               KY JH1
065   CPT Ellis Quincy Lewis               KY JH1
065   John A. Logan Princeton Caldwell               KY KY1
066   McLeod Claysville / Cynthiana Harrison               KY JH1, DE1
067   C. Osborne Blaine Lawrence               KY JH1
068   John Brown Paris Bourbon               KY JH1
069   F. M. Burgess Ulysses Lawrence               KY JH1
069   G. M. Burgess Peach Orchard Johnson               KY JH1
070   W. H. Lytle Fern Creek / Fisherville Jefferson               KY JH1
071   Joseph Dudley Flemingsburg Fleming The Filson Historical Society The Filson Library; 1310 S. Third Street, Louisville, KY 40208; phone (502) 635-5083; email; website Dudley Family. Papers, 1861-1971. A\D847 "Grand Army of the Republic Records" Part of a collection of family documents. Dean Enderlin, SUVCW Jul-1915 KY JH1
072   Jo McCollum Brooksville Bracken               KY JH1
073   D. V. Auxier Paintsville Johnson               KY JH1
074   C. Maxwell Corydon Henderson               KY JH1
075   W. C. Whitaker Louisville Jefferson               KY JH1, DE1
076   Burnsides Burnsides Pulaski               KY KY1
076   W. B. Hazen New Castle Henry               KY JH1
076   Starr Lexington Fayette Illinois Historic Preservation Agency Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library, Manuscript Division; 112 North Sixth Street, Springfield, IL 62701-1507; phone 217-785-7942; website Grand Army of the Republic Records, Dept. of Illinois, 1866-1939 Box 6.  Quarterly reports.  Inventory not available.  Post organized in 1880, transferred to the Dept. of Indiana in 1881. Original manuscripts, part of a collection stored in 60.5 boxes.   Dean Enderlin, SUVCW Jun-2013 IL, IN DE1
077   S. D. Murrell Josephine Scott               KY JH1
078   Simmons Springfield Washington               KY KY1
078   W. L. Lee Carrollton Carroll               KY JH1
079   Joseph S. Willis Rochester Butler               KY JH1
080   George H. Cram Cedar Springs Allen               KY KY1
080   William Jackson Franklin Simpson               KY JH1
081   Joseph Humphrey Humphrey Casey               KY JH1
082   Morris Brownsville / Burnside                 KY JH1
083   N. F. Twyman Greensburg Green               KY JH1, DE1
084   J. J. Gore Monroe Hart               KY JH1
085   W. T. Ward Louisville Jefferson               KY JH1
086   Andrew Wiley Johnsville Bracken               KY JH1
087   N. W. Hancock Gap Creek Clinton               KY JH1
088   CPT Hanaway / Hanway Bowling Green Warren               KY JH1
089   Granville Moody Bellevue Campbell               KY JH1
090   Calvin Childs Greenburg Green               KY JH1
091   Paducah Paducah McCracken               KY JH1
092   Sam McKee Absher Adair               KY JH1
093   Granville Allen Morgantown Butler               KY JH1
094   Abel Lloyd Hays Warren               KY KY1
094   Dr. Brown Kenton                 KY JH1
095   O. M. Lewis Carlisle Nicholas               KY JH1
096   Bracht Corinth Grant               KY JH1
096   C. L. White Hopkinsville Christian               KY KY1
097   Marion Brady Russellville Logan               KY JH1
098   G. W. Berry Antioch Mills Harrison               KY JH1
099   William Perkins Albany Clinton               KY JH1
100   Phil H. Sheridan Milldale Kenton               KY JH1
101   E. W. Murphy Manchester Clay               KY JH1
102   Samuel Begley Hyden Leslie               KY JH1
102   W. T. Sherman Camp Springs Campbell               KY DE1
103   M. Clay Paris Bourbon               KY DE1
103   N. B. Skinner Shepherdsville Bullit               KY KY1
104   Robert Storie Bear Wallow / Hiseville / Slick Rock Barren Western Kentucky University Special Collections Library & Kentucky Museum (Kentucky Building), 1444 Kentucky St., Bowling Green, KY 42101; phone 270-745-6434; email; website Manuscripts & Folklife Archives, Edwards Collection (MSS 22) Part of the Cyrus Edwards Collection.  Box 1: Folder 2, Journal of Robert Storie Post No. 104, 1888-1891 (1 item); Folder 5, History & Several Resolutions, Robert Storie Post, 1901-1902 (6 items); Folder 6, Speeches, Cyrus Edwards, GAR, 1903, 1915, 2930 (3 items). Original bound volume and manuscripts Dean Enderlin, SUVCW Jul-2012 KY JH1, KY1
104   Robert Storie Bear Wallow / Hiseville / Slick Rock Barren Western Kentucky University Special Collections Library & Kentucky Museum (Kentucky Building), 1444 Kentucky St., Bowling Green, KY 42101; phone 270-745-6434; email; website Museum collection Post flag, donated to The Kentucky Museum in 1958 by Mrs. Natlie E. Hulen of Horse Cave, KY.  Inscription of flag reads: "Robert Storie Post No. 104 G.A.R. Hiseville, Barren Co."  A history of the flag was published in the Kentucky Library & Museum's newsletter "UA51/3/3 Fanlight Vol. 6, No. 3" (1990).   Dean Enderlin, SUVCW Jul-2012 KY KY1
105   CPT H. King Kingsville Lincoln               KY KY1, KY2, DE1
106   Mason Georgetown Scott               KY KY1
107   P. Martin Central City Muhlenberg               KY KY1
108   James Morrow Russellville Logan               KY KY1
109   Gabe C. Wharton Mackville Washington               KY KY1
109   J. T. Boyle Louisville Jefferson               KY JH1
110   J. W. Finnell Grayson Carter               KY KY1
111   Robert Cowherd Salama / Conniff Green               KY KY1
112   R. G. Shaw Henderson Henderson               KY KY1
113   J. H. Meyers Meeting Creek Hardin               KY KY1
114   Alexander Burksville Cumberland               KY KY1
115   Conover Darnell White Oak / Gentry Mill / Montpelier Adair               KY JH1, KY1, DE1
116   L. A. Hanson Mayfield Graves               KY KY1
117   J. C. Carroll Campbellsville Taylor               KY KY1
118   J. G. Eve Barbourville Knox               KY DE1
118   Major Waller Fristol Marshall               KY KY1
119   Ellsworth Butler Pendleton               KY KY1
120   W. C. Patrick Saylersville Magoffin               KY KY1
121   Gregory Mayfield Graves               KY KY1
122   H. Skidmore Harlan Harlan               KY DE1
122     Kirkland Washington               KY KY1
123   Thomas Buchanan Williamsburg Whitley               KY KY1
124   Dr. Joseph S. Drane Bethleham Henry               KY KY1
124   John P. Hall DeKoven Union               KY JH1
125   T. P. Young Danville Boyle               KY KY1, DE1
126   Garnett Cynthiana Harrison               KY KY1
127   M. M. Frazier Mt. Vernon Rockcastle               KY KY1
128   Green Broaddus Winston Estill               KY KY1, DE1
129   Andrew Alexander Irvine Estill               KY KY1, DE1
130   T. D. Sedgwick Richmond Madison               KY KY1
131   Stanly Matthews Wine Sap Hart               KY KY1
132   August Willich Louisville Jefferson               KY KY1
133   COL Coffey London Laurel Mountain Life Museum 998 Levi Jackson Mill Rd, London, KY 40744; phone 606-330-2130   Original Post Charter (presumed to be that of Col. Coffey Post), dated 9 Nov. 1908.  Reportedly donated to the museum in 1943 by R. R. Ewell, son of COL R. L. Ewell. Unknown Dean Enderlin, SUVCW Dec-2018 KY JH1
133   Pineville Pineville Bell               KY KY1
134   J. W. Patterson Polkville Warren               KY KY1
135   R. E. Bowling Gays' Creek Perry               KY KY1
136   Coley Apperson Mt. Sterling Montgomery               KY KY1
137   S. Kuykendall Morgantown Butler               KY KY1
138   J. H. Cochran Anderson Logan               KY KY1
138   J. H. Cohron Lewisburg Logan               KY JH1
139   D. A. Smith Woodbury / Richardson Warren               KY KY1
140   Charles Prewett Mt. Sterling Montgomery               KY KY1
141   William Cartmill Salt Lick Bath               KY KY1
142   Miller Nicholasville Jessamine               KY KY1
143   H. H. Brinkly Dallas Pulaski               KY DE1
143   Captain Lowe Brandenburg Meade               KY KY1
144   J. F. Dulin Edmonton Metcalfe               KY KY1
145   R. Kincade Lancaster Garrard               KY KY1
146   W. R. Terrell Harrodsburg Mercer               KY KY1
147   Hanson Winchester Clark               KY KY1
148   George Cotton Versailles Woodford               KY JH1
149   R. F. Tobin Louisville Jefferson               KY DE1
149   Chancy Durham Willowtown Taylor               KY KY1
149   J. W. Mills Monticello Wayne               KY JH1
150   Hutchison Rockville / Buchanan / Bolt's Fork (Boyd Co.) Lawrence               KY JH1, KY1, DE1
151   T. M. Wheatley Patesville Hancock               KY KY1
152   Smith Payton Glasgow Barren               KY KY1
153   LT G. W. Nell Gradyville / Sparksville Adair               KY JH1, DE1
154   CPT Z. S. Taylor Nabob / Eighty-Eight Barren               KY KY1, DE1
155   Z. Morgan Big Creek / Hazard (Clay Co.) Clay               KY JH1
156   Delaney Louisville Jefferson               KY KY1
157   John Carey Morehead Rowan               KY KY1
158   James M. Marshall Flemingsburg Fleming               KY KY1
159   William Fidler Lebanon Marion               KY KY1
160   B. A. Wheat Sulphur Well Metcalfe               KY JH1
160   George H. Taylor Muse's Mill Fleming               KY KY1
161   Marion Murphy Kirksville Madison               KY KY1
162   J. J. Landrum Mt. Olivet Robertson               KY KY1
162   L. D. Yost Pikeville Pike Pike County Historical Society Pike County Historical Society, PO Box 97, Pikeville, KY 41502 (copies available at the Pike County, KY, Public Library, and at the Floyd County, KY, Genealogical and Historical Society).   Post roster (by-laws), circa 1891, reprinted in "Pike County, 1822-1977, Historica' Papers Number Three," published by the Pike County Historical Society (revised 1984). Transcription of original. Bruce Austin, SUVCW Jul-2015 KY JH1
163   Netter Cullen Union               KY JH1
163   Robert L. Bullock Glasgow Barren               KY KY1, DE1
164   S. N. Melton Poole's Mill Webster               KY KY1, DE1
165   B. L. Boston Lawrenceburg Anderson               KY KY1
166   McKinevan / McKenevan Maysville Mason               KY KY1
167   John Connor Bardstown / Maud Nelson               KY KY1
168   E. F. King Corbin Whitley               KY KY1
168   Elijah Clay Jackson Breathitt               KY JH1
169   CPT Chio Kuttawa Lyon               KY KY1
169   Haly Smith Clay City Powell               KY JH1
170   William P. Boone Louisville Jefferson               KY KY1
170   Green Clay Smith Lexington Fayette               KY DE1
171   CPT James West Berea Madison Berea College Hutchins Library, Berea College, Berea, Kentucky 40404; phone 859-985-3000; email; website Special Collections & Archives, Call Number HC24 Records of the James C. West Post #171 & Women’s Relief Corps #48.  Series 1, Box 1: Minute Book May 24, 1890 - January 9, 1897; Photo of James C. West Post with Green Broaddus Post (restricted); Minute Book July 16, 1904 - April 13, 1929; Accounts Ledger January, 1901 - January 1, 1936; Minutes and Accounting Records January 10, 1925 - July 13, 1936; Adjutant and Quartermaster Reports December 30, 1910 - January 20, 1922; Organizational Publications; LeVant Dodge Correspondence; Officers and delegates from three other posts, 1911; Decoration Day banners, 1897-1899; Membership Applications, 1903-1904.  Series II, Box 2 consists of records of Captain James West Corps, No. 48, WRC. Bound and unbound original manuscripts, 0.8 linear feet. Dean Enderlin, SUVCW May-2012 KY KY1
172   George W. Latham Clifty Todd               KY KY1
173   Charles W. Ross Bardstown Nelson               KY KY1
174   CPT Wolford Science Hill Pulaski               KY JH1
174   J. B. Jett Carrollton Carroll               KY KY1
175   M. R. McCullock Eastview Hardin               KY JH1, DE1
175   W. R. McCulloch Summitt Hardin               KY KY1
176   Williams Columbia Adair               KY KY1
177   E. B. Dudley Horse Cave Hart               KY KY1
178   M. C. Taylor Samuels' Depot Nelson               KY KY1
178   James W. Albert Newport Campbell               KY DE1
179   Robert Anderson Kuttawa Lyon               KY KY1
180   Thomas H. Sherrod Sharron Grove Todd               KY KY1, DE1
180   Silas Adams                   KY DE1
181   William Searcy Lawrenceburg Anderson               KY KY1
182   Thomas Rankin Williamstown Grant               KY KY1
183   Thomas Wilson Buck's Creek / Sturgeon Owsley               KY KY1
184   Treadway Booneville Owsley               KY KY1, DE1
184   COL Silas Adams Hustonville Lincoln               KY DE1
185   W. W. Berry Louisville Jefferson               KY KY1
185   William T. Sherman Louisville Jefferson               KY JH1
186   S. M. Barnes Stanton Powell               KY KY1
187   D. D. Porter Keen Jessamine               KY KY1
188   Severs Elizabethtown Hardin               KY KY1
189   General Hooker Eminence Henry               KY DE1
189   J. Pool Corydon Henderson               KY JH1
190   Lovell H. Rousseau Louisville Jefferson               KY DE1
190   W. H. Harrington Eubanks Pulaski               KY KY1
191   H. Higdon Knottsville Daviess               KY KY1
192   Fred Douglass New Castle Henry               KY KY1
192     Beattyville Lee               KY DE1
193   CPT Bailey Casey Creek / Paileyton Adair               KY KY1, DE1
194   S. S. Fry Texas Washington               KY KY1
194 001 Nelson Newport Campbell Ohio Dept GAR Archives Ohio Historical Society     [See William Nelson Post, No. 1]       OH OH1
195   Avery Byers Horse Branch Ohio               KY KY1
195 002 James A. Garfield Covington Kenton Ohio Dept GAR Archives Ohio Historical Society     [See James A. Garfield Post, No. 2]       OH OH1
195     Salem Livingston               KY DE1
196   L. Lackey Stanford Lincoln               KY KY1
197   Fry Anchorage Jefferson               KY KY1
198 010 Abraham Lincoln Owensboro Daviess               KY JH1
199   CPT J. Gooden Messers Knott               KY KY1
200   Llewellyn Bacon Hopkinsville Christian               KY KY1
201   Huddleston Grant's Lick Campbell               KY KY1
202   Dupre LaGrange Oldham               KY KY1
203   Owens Ray Cain's Store Pulaski               KY KY1
204   Jesse M. Ward Laytonsville Christian               KY KY1
205   J. W. Thornberry Lewisburg Logan               KY KY1
206   CPT John B. Hill Uniontown Union               KY DE1
206   Henry Page Horse Cave Hart               KY KY1
207   R. L. Beckham Rumsey McLean               KY KY1
208   Cromwell Cromwell Ohio               KY KY1
209   Ritch Phil Casey               KY KY1
210   S. Duckworth Sonora Hardin               KY KY1
211   Hudson Hudsonville Breckinridge               KY KY1
212   Thomas L. Burch Pike View Hart               KY DE1
212   Dumas Columbus Hickman               KY KY1
213   D. T. Buckner Winchester Clark               KY KY1
214   Fleming Meador Franklin Simpson               KY KY1
215   Bevil Palmer Springfield Washington               KY KY1
216   GEN Burbridge Shelbyville Shelby               KY KY1
217   John H. Langley Big Clifty Grayson               KY KY1
218   Washington Eidson (Edson) Hartford Ohio               KY DE1
219   Bayne Buffalo Larue               KY KY1
219   William J. Simons Hopkinsville Christian               KY DE1
220   COL L. T. Moore Olive Hill Carter               KY DE1
221   John G. Eve Barbourville Knox               KY LOC
222   McPherson Pine Knot McCreary               KY DE1
?   Richard Walsh Sherburne Fleming               KY DE1
Sources (for Post name, number, and location data only):
JH1 = Jeff Henningfield, SUVCW Gov Isaac Stevens Camp-at-Large #1; GAR Post Project Chair, 2000
KY1 = Steve Lynn, Commander, MG Thomas L. Crittenden Camp #2, SUVCW Dept. of Kentucky, 2000
KY2 = David Gambrel, Maj. James H. Bridgewater Camp 7, SUVCW Dept. of Kentucky, 2013
LOC = Library of Congress, 2011
DE1 = Dean Enderlin, SUVCW National GAR Records Officer, 2012-2020
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