Links to Civil War Web Sites

The National Civil War Museum - the SUVCW headquarters

Civil War Infantry

Civil War Cavalry

Civil War Navy

Civil War Medicine

The American Civil War

The Civil War

The Civil War Homepage - A great site for research papers

Civil War photographs from the Library of Congress

The Civil War Soldiers and Sailors System - a searchable site for soldiers in both armies provided by the National Park Service

Civil War Maps

Civil War Trust (this site is provided for informational purposes only and no obligation to support this organization is implied)

The Valley of the Shadow - Two communities in the Civil War

Civil War@Smithsonian

Civil War Poetry and Music

Civil War Interactive - the Daily Newspaper

The African American Civil War Memorial

Civil War Records (papers)

Women Soldiers in the Civil War

Reconstruction - the Second Civil War

Abraham Lincoln Papers

Abraham Lincoln Online

Abraham Lincoln Digitization Project

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