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As membership in the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War is strictly voluntary, so too is your decision to actively participate in doing the "work" of the Order. The following publications are provided to assist you in conducting ceremonies, educating others, and historical information.

The information provided in the Handbook for Patriotic Instructors will also prove invaluable for other Officers of the Camp and Department as well.


The Handbook for Patriotic Instructors - A handbook of instruction, thoughts and ideas for Camp, Department, and National Patriotic Instructors. This publication is available in two .pdf formats - a single column document and in a booklet format that can be downloaded to a CD and taken to a local print shop for printing (tell them you want the publication printed in "SigTic" and you'll get an 8"x11" booklet folded and stapled in the middle.

The Flag Facts Flyer - An excellent tool for sharing with students and to use as a handout at local events. This .pdf file can be downloaded for printing at a local print shop on legal-sized (8" x 14") paper.

Adopt-a-School Program for Camps - This publication offers ideas as to how your Camp can assist in the education of our students by "adopting" a school. Although the program is optional, it does offer an excellent opportunity to reach out to the youth of our nation.

Adopt-a-School Flyer for Teachers - This flyer can be used as an introduction to local schools for Camps that wish to participate in the program. It shares a variety of ways your Camp can interact with a school.

The Dignified Flag Disposal Ceremony - While several veterans groups and the Boy Scouts already conduct this ceremony, this publication offers instruction on how your Camp can do so as well.

Dedication/Rededication Ceremony for a Headstone - This publication is available in PDF format and MS Word format to allow you to enter the name of the soldier and the ceremony participants.

Dedication/Rededication Ceremony for a Memorial - This publication is also available in PDF format and MS Word format to allow you to enter the names of the participants or modify as you see fit.

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