Colorado/Wyoming Department's Civil War Memorials

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As part of an ongoing project, the Sons of Union Veterans have been assessing monuments and memorials in Colorado/Wyoming Department's Memorials range from a statue or cannons in a park, to a stained glass GAR window in a church or even a commemorative plaque on a wall.

This is not an all-inclusive list of Colorado/Wyoming memorials; there are some 28 known memorials in the Department. We will add to this page as photographs and information become available. Ther were 50 Post of the GAR in the area covered by the current Colorado/Wyoming Department

The Dept. of Colorado/Wyoming Civil War Memorials inventory is available for viewing - click to download and open on your computer.

If you have an interest in submitting a monument or memorial for this page, we require the following: at least one clear digital photo, a description of the location or address, and information about the monument, such as when it was erected and by whom, with a source cited for the information. Submit these materials to the Department of Colorado/Wyoming Signals Officer


Alamosa GAR Block Stone - Plaque
Appleton Brass Plaque on 2 Post
Aspen Granite Monument
Canon City GAR Pedestal
Colorado Springs (2) Cannons with Plaques
Denver Upright Marker - Plaque
Fort Collins GAR Monument - Statue
Golden GAR Pedestal with Star
Grand Junction GAR Pedestal
Greeley Red Granite engraved
Gunnison GAR Cement Base - Upright
LaVeta GAR Memorial - Boulder
Leadville GAR Marble Monument
Longmont GAR Granite Monument
Monte Vista Tall GAR and Statue - Granite
Montrose GAR - River Rocks and Cement
Pueblo GAR Memorial - Boulder
Salida GAR Granite Monument
Victor Cement Base with Markers
Windsor Upright Sandstone



Salt Lake City GAR Bench
Salt Lake City GAR -SUVCW
Salt Lake City Red Sign

Salt Lake City-Fort Douglas Cemetery

Ogden City Cemetery


Cheyenne GAR Monument
Cheyenne GAR Tall Pedestal Monument
Cheyenne GAR Granite Monument
Laramie GAR Tall Pedestal Monument - Statue
Sinclair GAR Cannon -Plaque