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Past Commanders-in-Chief
Encampment Reports

Given the organizational age of the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War (created in 1881), most of the Commander-in-Chief National Encampment reports are not in a computerized form. It only has been the most recent and a few of the older reports that have been able to be made available for placement onto this web site. Despite this obvious problem, and notwithstanding the Order's National Proceedings, which are now beginning to be published with more reliable regularity, it was felt that by making available the Commander-in-Chief reports shortly following each National Encampment, we could provide our membership with a quick synopsis of the health and direction of the Order. It is anticipated that all subsequent National Encampment Commander-in-Chief reports will be highlighted by placement onto this page.

Keith G. Harrison
Past Commander-in-Chief

August 1997


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