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Advertising Rates and Specifications

Advertising in the Banner

The Banner has a paid circulation of approximnately 7,000 active members of the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War.  A quarterly publication, a large portion of its Editorial content is designed to report the activities of the Order at the national, state and local levels.  Member-written feature articles are based on patriotic, historical and educational themes.  Editorial matter also includes official communications, auxiliary news and prominent Civil War military ceremonies.

Publication Services:  Daryl D. Zigan,

United Press & Graphics
505 East Industrial Drive
Hartland, WI  53029
(262) 367-4185

Editor and Publisher: PCinC Stephen A. Michaels; Email:

Business Manager: David W. Demmy, Sr, Executive Director,
SUVCW National Headquarters
1 Lincoln Circle at Reservoir Park

Suite 240 (Nat. Civil War Museum)
Harrisburg, PA  17103-2411
PH: (717) 232-7000 

Mailing & Shipping Instructions

Send all contracts, insertion orders, general instructions, reproduction materials and copy instructions to Editor and Publisher.  Send payments for advertisements to Publication Services.

Contract & Copy Regulations

Advertisers and advertising agencies assume liability for all advertising content and assume responsibility for any claims arising there from made against the publisher.  All advertising is subject to the publishers approval.  The publisher may reject any advertising that does not conform to publisher's standards.  The word "Advertisment" will be placed within advertising copy which, in the publisher's opinion, resembles editorial matter.

Contracts may be cancelled by a 60-day advance written notice; and payment of account in full, including the difference between the contracted frequency rate and the short time rate on space actually used.  Rates are subject to revision upon advance written notice.  Contracted advertisers will be protected at their contracted rate for 60 days after the date of notification of rate change. 

General Advertising Rates

Rates for Standard Units: Black & White

Size              1x           4x

1/8 page       $100        $192 ($48 ea.)

1/4 page       $125        $356 ($89 ea.)

1/2 page       $250        $720 ($180 ea.)

1 page          $400        $1400 ($350 ea.)

Full Color

Outside Rear Cover
  1x          4x

$1500       $3000 ($750 ea.)

Inside Front and Rear Cover
  1x          4x

$1000       $2000 ($500 ea.)

- Payment should be made to United Press & Graphics, at the address indicated above.

Mechanical Requirements

Trim Size:  8 1/2 x 11 inches Bleed Size: Full bleed on all edges except bottom, which requires 1/4-inch open space.

Standard Unit Sizes, in inches

Size                      Width        Depth
Full Page                  7             8

1/2 Page Horizontal   7             4

1/2 Page Veritcal       3 1/2       8

1/4 Page                   3 1/2       4

1/8 Page                   3 1/2       2

Note:  Advertisements exceeding specified dimensions will incur extra charges for additional space at the inch rate, except bleeds.

Screen:  150           Binding:  Saddle stitched

Printed by Offset:  Right reading film negatives (emulsion side down, the base side up, right reading) preferred.  Prints, mechanicals and positives acceptable, but there is an additional charge for conversion.

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