Monthly archives: February 2019

Important Form 11 message for Department Commanders and Secretaries

Brother Department Commanders and Secretaries,

As you know, Form 11 is due no later than March 15th. There have been some changes this year that involve a new certification statement that is specifically designed to help us with our IRS requirements. On the National Web Site under the governance tab, you will now find three files related to Form 11. One is a set of instructions, next is the Form 11 you have seen in the past and finally there is a certification statement. Please use the fill-in Form 11 and send to me electronically. The certification statement may be sent to me electronically, but I will need the original for our files and records. If you have any questions, please get them to me as soon as you can. I thank you for your assistance in getting this task done timely and correctly.”


David McReynolds
National Treasurer
Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War