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Commander in Chief’s message November, 2017

Commander-in-Chief’s message to the membership #3/2017-18


I apologize for not communicating with you in October.  I began to put together a message several times but set them aside to deal with the business of the Order or travel for an event.

Let me begin by talking about this coming weekends Remembrance Day events.  Remembrance Day is perhaps the single most important event that the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War and the Allied Orders participate in yearly. It is the day we take time to remember the Boys in Blue who went off to preserve our great nation, Abraham Lincoln our greatest President, and the men of the G.A.R. who set the example of dedication to the preservation of our history for the Allied Orders of the G.A.R to follow.

Remembrance Day is also a time when many decedents of the men who fought at Gettysburg come to pay their respects to their valiant ancestors by visiting the various monuments and memorials that dot the landscape or to walk the ground over which their ancestors fought and sometimes paid the ultimate sacrifice.  Throughout the weekend there will be many ceremonies and events that will at times challenge our ability to cope with, but we will somehow manage and on Sunday afternoon we will once again feel the pride which comes from having done our duty to honor and remember.

Remembrance Day is organized and put on by the Sons Veterans Reserve under the leadership of Major General Robert Grim and his excellent staff.  I remind all who attend to work with the Sons Veterans Reserve and to obey the directions of the Sons Veterans Reserve Provost Marshall, Major David Hann as we conduct the Woolson Monument Ceremonies in Ziglar’s Grove at 11:00 am and later in the day the annual parade, which will have a slightly modified route this year.  Perhaps some of you have heard of the recent article in the Gettysburg times that is related to Remembrance Day and have concerns.  I want to ensure you that the Sons Veterans Reserve Leadership is working in close cooperation with the Gettysburg Police, the National Park Police, and many other law enforcement agencies to ensure that we have a safe and successful weekend.  Barbara and I will be arriving on Friday evening at the Eisenhower.  I am truly looking forward to seeing and speaking with as many of my Brothers and Sisters in the Allied Orders as possible and hope they will take the time to seek me out.



Now a few other items that need to be noted for the benefit of the membership.

  1. It has come to my attention through the National Headquarters staff, that we have members in each department who while active members in their respective Departments and Camps are not receiving the Banner because they do not appear on the active membership role maintained at National HQ. This discrepancy appears to be caused when a member is brought in to a Department or Camp and for some reason his application is not forwarded to National HQ.  To rectify this discrepancy, I request that Departments and Camps audit or review their rosters for Brothers who are in this situation and provide the required paperwork to the National HQ as soon as possible.
  2. This past week, I issued a ruling on a question, which was posed to myself and the National Counselor on the payment of Department and Camp Dues by Life Members. This ruling went out as General Order #6 and I invite you to read it.  You can find it on the National Website by clicking the Governance Link at the top of the Home Page and then looking on the left-hand side of the governance page for the General Orders of the CinC.  I encourage all Brothers to be familiar with the National Website’s Governance Page as that is where most of the important information and documents of the order is located
  3. I have been actively traveling in support of the SUVCW. Among the more significant events were an invitation to speak to the Sons of Veterans Spanish American War Congress in Crewe, Virginia, an invitation to attend and speak at the Central Region Allied Orders of the G.A.R meeting in Cleveland, Ohio, an invitation to attend and speak at the Military Order Loyal Legion of the United States Congress in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania, and an invitation to attend the Testimonial Dinner given in honor of Sister Ramona Greenwalt, President of the Auxiliary to the Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War in Alliance, Ohio.
  4. Arrangements have been made to hold the Spring meeting of the Council of Administration near Nashville, TN on March 23rd and 24th
  5. I would ask that you continue to pray for those Brothers in Texas, Florida, and California who experienced hardship because of Natural Disasters.
  6. I want to thank all the Departments and Camps who have responded to my request that they assist the Department of Illinois’s Stephenson Memorial Plaza Project with donations. I am currently having the streamers designed and intend to begin awarding them in the new year.  I also apologize for not stating that a brick in the Memorial Plaza cost $150.00 in my earlier message.  I understand however, that in some cases local SUVCW Camps and ASUVCW Auxiliaries have worked together purchase a brick, and I find that a heartwarming indication of our cooperation and  joint belief in honoring the founder of the G.A.R.
  7. I would ask that you be diligent in completing your annual reports and remind the Camp and Department Secretaries that we now have an official membership card, which contains proprietary information, and is available from the Quartermaster.  Instructions for printing the cards can be found on the National Website under Forms on the Governance page.


  1. Previously, I made you aware of the efforts of the Brothers of the Department of Tennessee to preserve historic Fort Negley in Nashville from commercial development. That effort continues and has now received the backing of several State and National Preservation experts and organizations.  If you would like more information, I am sure the Brothers in Tennessee would be happy to answer your questions.
  2. Chief of Staff, Brother Faron Taylor, and I have almost completed the CinC Department Encampment Visitation Schedule.  There are a few dates left but it is my hope to finalize the schedule and assign representatives to those Department Encampments, I cannot attend by the CofA meeting this coming Sunday in Gettysburg.
  3. Recruiting new members remains everyone’s job. I would also continue to ask for your diligence with new members and process their applications expeditiously.  Nothing is more damaging to our efforts than holding up the processing and initiation of new members, and once you have new members get them and yourselves involved in activities that promote our motto of Fraternity, Charity, and Loyalty.

As always, it is my hope that these CinC messages help in keeping the membership aware of the activities of your national officers and the important events / projects that are being conducted by our Camps and Departments.  I encourage each Camp and Department to keep me informed on their activities and needs by emailing me at or if it is something needing immediate attention calling me at the number listed on the National Website.

In Fraternity, Charity, and Loyalty

Mark R. Day

Commander-in-Chief Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War