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Document Your Civil War Ancestor

In a cooperative undertaking between the Sons of Union Veterans (SUVCW) of the Civil War and Brøderbund Software (Family Tree Maker), members of the SUVCW and Allied Orders can contribute to the development of a large genealogical data base. You are encouraged to participate by going to the Family Tree Maker - SUVCW page and completing the form on your ancestor and your relationship to him.

Each ancestral form that is filled out will require that you input your personal data and that you provide a separate name and password. You will need to remember the names and passwords that you use in order to make corrections or changes to each ancestral form completed. For most of you with information on only one ancestor, that probably will not be a problem.


Should you have problems entering your data or accessing your data later, please contact Bob Shaffer at He should be able to assist you.

In order to access the form, go to the Family Tree Maker - SUVCW Member Page.

The Family Tree Maker genealogy page was designed and is maintained by Brøderbund Software.

This service is only available to current members of the SUVCW or other Allied Orders.

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