Sons of Union Veterans of the Civil War


The Army Grand
By Richard Realf(a)

          From eastern sea to western shore,
          Loyally, right loyally,
          and breasted like the knights of yore,
          Royally, yes, royally,
          Roused by the rebel cannon roar,
          Our columns thickened more and more,
          with prayers behind and faith before,
          Rose the union's army grand.

          From hall and hut, from near and far
          Readily, most readily,
          We sprang unto the cry of war
          Steadily, right steadily
          Stung by the crime that we abhor,
          We girded on our armor for
          Deliverance of the nation, or
          Soldiers death on honors field.

          Through sun and gloom, through field and flood
          Gloriously, yes, gloriously
          We pressed our path in wounds and blood,
          Victoriously, victoriously;
          Graves grew beneath us where we stood,
          By every vale, and mount, and wood,
          They wait the reveille of God-
          Soldiers of that Army Grand,

          Heaven rest our comrades in their graves,
          Lovingly, most lovingly;
          Heaven beam upon our living braves,
          Approvingly, approvingly;
          And oh, where'er our banner waves,
          Freedom shall beckon unto slaves,
          So long as God protects and saves,
          What the Grand old Army won.


(a) Richard Realf served during the Civil War with the 88th Volunteer Infantry as an officer. He wrote the above song, which was sung at Grand Army of the Republic Encampments. He was a poet and read one of his poems before Army of the Potomic Society in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on May 12, 1874. Another poem was read at the Army of the Cumberland reunion in 1873. And another was read at the Annual Encampment of Pennsylvania Department, Grand Army of the Republic Encampment in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on January 26, 1876.

Submitted by:

Richard Whapham
Great Great Grand Nephew of Richard Realf
January 2001

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